For 2μm precision hydraulic pressure control valve, AAK uses American Hardinge CNC machine tool

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For 2μm precision hydraulic pressure control valve, AAK uses American Hardinge C...
Posting date : Feb 08, 2024
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Last week, we mentioned that the hydraulic directional control valve cage of Ra0.8 and roundness tolerance of 1μm, a customer Jhon from Mexico left a message to us: Can AAK produce hydraulic pressure control valve with valve cage accuracy within 2μm?


Many hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers in China are not very focused on the accuracy of valve cages because the domestic market is used to it. It is not very difficult to produce the hydraulic pressure control valve with cage accuracy within m. We have similar customer requirements, whether it is for hydraulic directional control valves, hydraulic pressure control valves, or hydraulic flow control valves. We will select suitable machine tools for production based on the production situation in the workshop and customer requirements.


When new customers ask if AAK can achieve any precision or specific requirements for hydraulic cartridge valves, this is an opportunity for hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer AAK, as it is highly likely that customers have encountered difficulties with other hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers. For Jhon's message, I sent him a video, which may be more convincing. Although he received our video on Monday and did not reply on the same day, I believe he will send an inquiry.


For hydraulic pressure control valves with cage accuracy within 2μm, AAK can choose the Hardinge CNC machine tool from the United States as shown in the video. The overall structure adopts a 45 ° inclined bed. When we installed it, we filled the equipment cavity with marble. The advantage of this is that it avoids the occurrence of small vibration lines on the surface of the workpiece due to the impact of vibration waves on the continuity of the tool during the cutting process, which affects the accuracy of the valve cage. From the video, it can be seen that the entire cutting process is carried out in a stable and almost vibration free condition. The machine tool is also equipped with 20 knives and can produce hydraulic pressure control valves of different models.


Today, we just received an inquiry from Jhon for a hydraulic pressure control valve with drawings, hoping that we can secure another customer from Mexico.


AAK hydraulic pressure control valve, valve cage accuracy within m, you can also try a small order!



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