What should hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers do when faced with face-to-face provocation from their opponents? A short story from AAK

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What should hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers do when faced with face-to-f...
Posting date : Feb 02, 2024
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Whether it's a hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer or other manufacturers, there are always competitors who see you as their competitor. What should be done when a hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer encounters face-to-face provocation from an opponent and the customer is present?


A few days ago, a Russian old customer visited hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer AAK. After the meeting, he asked me to take him to another hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer. After arriving at the factory of the another hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer, I waited downstairs. One hour later, the other party's boss accompanied the customer to the car, and we were ready to leave. When the other party's boss saw that it was me, he said to the customer: It's time for dinner and Id like to invite both of you to have a meal together. The customer didn't say anything and looked at me. The problem is that competitors invite you to dinner. Are you going or not? 90% of the hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers would said NO, but I promised to dinner together. Everyone is hungry, and I will pay in advance and make the other party owe me a favor.


At that time, I asked him where to have the dinner? I drive, one car is enough. The other party said to go to a five-star hotel, and added, "You've never taken a client to such a high-end place, have you?". As soon as I heard it, the fire started to ignite, but I quickly calmed down. I said that according to the personal preferences of our clients, going to that place for dinner is not very interesting. Today, you come with me. I know there is a private customized small courtyard, and many times, even if you pay, you may not be able to have a dinner. It must be a VIP with more than 3 years of experience.


During the meal, that hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer did not give up and continued to provoke. He asked me suddenly, how is engineer Mr. Liu going on in your factory? I asked what happened. He said that Liu was an employee who was laid off by their factory, and added another sentence, “AAK took over the employee who were laid off by us.”. The customer also looked at me, and I casually said, "You need to reflect on this. Such an excellent talent cannot be retained by your factory. You need to consider your own system and process of the hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer. Where the problem is?".


In the face of provocation, how to solve it, I think it's very simple. Just use "pick it up" and he says no matter how bad you are, you can pick it up. The higher you praise, the more embarrassing the other person will fall. Dealing with provocations from competitors, it is the worst for a hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer to argue with them.




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