Automotive high voltage cable 35 square role

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Automotive high voltage cable 35 square role
Posting date : Jan 30, 2024
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Automobile high-voltage cable 35 square meters is mainly used in the electrical system of automobiles and plays the following important roles:

1. Power transmission: 35 square meters of automotive high-voltage cables are used to transmit high-voltage electrical energy in the automotive electrical system, transmitting electrical energy from the battery to various electrical equipment and electronic control units. It connects important electrical equipment such as batteries, engines, generators, ignition systems, lighting systems, air conditioning systems, audio systems, etc. to ensure the normal operation of the car.

2. Signal transmission: In addition to transmitting electrical energy, the automotive high-voltage cable 35 square meters also plays the role of signal transmission. For example, the engine control unit (ECU) transmits instructions and receives data to various sensors through this cable. These sensors include oxygen sensors, oil pressure sensors, temperature sensors, etc. They can sense various parameters of the car and transmit signals back to the ECU, thereby controlling and regulating various systems of the car.

3. Shield electromagnetic interference: 35 square meters of automotive high-voltage cables usually adopt a shielding structure to prevent external electromagnetic interference from interfering with signal transmission. This shielding structure can effectively isolate the signal inside the cable from the influence of external electromagnetic fields, ensuring stable transmission and accuracy of the signal.

4. Durability and safety: 35 square meters of automotive high-voltage cables need to have good durability and safety performance. It needs to be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as high temperature, vibration, and humidity during automobile operation. It also needs to have flame retardant, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant properties to ensure the safety and reliability of the vehicle during driving.

In short, automotive high-voltage cables 35 square meters play an important role in automotive electrical systems. They are not only used for power transmission and signal transmission, but also provide shielding protection and ensure the durability and safety of the cables.

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