Comply with the national standard 120 square new energy vehicle cable

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Comply with the national standard 120 square new energy vehicle cable
Posting date : Jan 23, 2024
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The performance of automobile high-voltage cables directly affects the ignition performance of the automobile and the working efficiency of the engine. Once the high-voltage cables are aged, worn or damaged, it will lead to unstable power transmission or leakage, which will affect the working status of the engine and the driving performance of the car. Therefore, regular inspection and replacement of high-voltage cables is one of the important measures to ensure the normal operation of the automotive electrical system.

For example, using 120 square meters of cable application equipment:

The equipment required to use 120 square meters of cable overhead is,

1. Air compressor is mainly used to destroy the road surface in preparation for laying cables in the future.

2. Electric winches or cable tractors are mainly used to tow cables and cable conveyors.

3. Use it with the tractor to overcome the huge friction and reduce the damage to the cable.

4. Cable reel pay-off bracket, roller device, anti-twist and wire rope distortion reduction, cable reel braking device.

YJV pure copper core national standard cable 120 square meters:

YJV and VV are two types of power cables with different insulation materials. Generally, YJV power cables are preferred for indoor permanent projects. VV power cables are generally used in low-voltage systems, and YJV power cables are mostly used in high-voltage systems.

YJV——Copper core cross-linked polyethylene insulated PVC sheathed power cable.

VV——Copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable.

VV cable is PVC insulated and PVC sheathed, which is a thermoplastic material.

YJV cable is cross-linked polyvinyl chloride insulated and sheathed, which is a thermosetting material.

Due to different materials, VV and YJV cables allow long-term operation at the highest temperatures.

1. The maximum rated temperature of the cable conductor of VV power cable (VLV) is 70 degrees Celsius. In case of short circuit (duration less than 5 seconds), the maximum temperature does not exceed 160 degrees Celsius.

2. YJV power cable (YJLV) cable conductor has a maximum rated operating temperature of 90 degrees Celsius, and the maximum temperature during short circuit (duration less than 5 seconds) does not exceed 250 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the carrying capacity of the two cables is different, and the YJV is larger.

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