New energy electric vehicle charging pile installation

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New energy electric vehicle charging pile installation
Posting date : Dec 05, 2023
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With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the pursuit of sustainable development, new energy has become an important development direction of the global energy industry. New energy technologies such as electric vehicles, solar power, and wind power are being developed and applied at an alarming rate, providing us with cleaner and more sustainable energy options. In this new energy era, we are ushering in a new future, a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

The installation of electric vehicle charging pile is to facilitate the charging use of electric vehicle users. The following are the general steps for the installation of electric vehicle charging pile:

1. Determine the installation location: Choose a suitable location to install the charging pile, usually in a parking lot, garage or outdoor charging area.

2. Measure the power capacity: determine the power capacity required by the charging pile, and calculate the required current and voltage according to the power and number of the charging pile.

3. Apply for power access: Apply to the local power company for power access required by the charging pile, and install power meters and metering devices.

4. Install fixed devices: Install fixed devices based on the charging pile model and specifications, including fixed bases, columns, and electric boxes.

5. Wiring and connection: Wiring according to the electrical connection diagram of the charging pile, including the main power cable, the charging gun cable, etc.

6. Install the charging pile host: Install the charging pile host on the fixed device, and connect the corresponding cables and interfaces.

7. Debugging and testing: After the power supply is turned on, the charging pile is debugging and testing to ensure its normal operation.

8. Install charging pile accessories: Install charging pile accessories, such as charging gun rack, information display screen, etc.

9. Install signs and warning signs: Install signs and warning signs around the charging pile to alert other users to the charging area.

10. Acceptance and filing: After the installation of the charging pile is completed, the relevant departments shall be notified for acceptance and registration.

It is important to note that before installing electric vehicle charging piles, you should first understand the relevant local policies and requirements, and follow the relevant installation standards and specifications. At the same time, it is also necessary to choose a regular charging pile supplier or installation company for installation to ensure the quality and safety performance of the charging pile.

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