Multi-core high voltage new energy vehicle cable

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Multi-core high voltage new energy vehicle cable
Posting date : Dec 04, 2023
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Example: Specification Model: Ev/Evvr 450V/750V/1000V 10-300A

Multi-core high voltage new energy cable is a cable used to connect electric vehicles and charging equipment for transmitting high voltage electrical energy and data signals. It usually consists of multiple wires, and each wire is responsible for transmitting different electrical energy or data signals.

Here are some features and considerations of multi-core high voltage new energy cables:

1. High-voltage capability: multi-core cables need to be able to withstand high voltage and high current transmission to meet the charging needs of electric vehicles. Therefore, it should have high voltage resistance and high insulation performance.

2. Multi-core design: Multi-core cables use multiple wires arranged side-by-side, with each wire responsible for transmitting different electrical energy or data signals. Common wires include DC electrical energy, AC electrical energy, ground and data signal wires.

3. Insulation protection: Since multi-core cables need to transmit high-voltage electrical energy, they must have good insulation protection to avoid contact between the cable sheath and external objects, and to prevent electric shocks and short-circuit accidents.

4. Durability and abrasion resistance: Multi-core cables need to have good durability and abrasion resistance to withstand the forces of pulling, bending and friction in daily use, as well as to resist the effects of temperature, humidity and chemical corrosion in harsh environments.

5. Standard compliance: Multi-core cables should comply with relevant standards and regulations to ensure their safety and reliability. Common standards include IEC 62196, GB/T 20234 and SAE J1772.

In conclusion, multi-core high-voltage new energy vehicle cable is a special cable used to connect electric vehicles and charging equipment, featuring high-voltage capability, multi-core design, insulation protection, durability and compliance with standards and regulations. When selecting and using them, you should ensure their reliable quality to ensure the safe charging of electric vehicles.

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