Hydraulic manifold manufacturers also have 3 types of fake problems, and AAK responds with real thinking

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Hydraulic manifold manufacturers also have 3 types of fake problems, and AAK res...
Posting date : Nov 20, 2023
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Last week, hydraulic manifold manufacturer AAK wanted to hire an engineer to do sales. The young man had worked as an engineer in other hydraulic manifold manufacturers for 3 years, and when he met me, he said the first sentence: I don't have anything, can sales of hydraulic manifolds be successful? What is behind this problem? Actually, can I get something for nothing?


What should I do to get something for nothing? I really want to work as a salesperson at hydraulic manifold manufacturer AAK, but I always feel like I have no ability or talent. This type of question is equivalent to saying, 'I don't have core competitiveness, but I also want results.'. For example, most hydraulic manifold manufacturers only know how to copy, but they want orders. So I want to say, why? This world is not interesting at all, there is no overnight wealth, nor is there a counterattack. The overnight fame you see is behind everything you cannot see, the accumulation of night and night. To become better, one can only squat solidly every day, step on plum blossom stakes, and establish their true core competitiveness. There is no shortcut for hydraulic manifold manufacturers. The truly difficult thing is day after day. Someone always wants to become rich overnight and find the secret to winning with one move, because it is so rough, fast, and direct. Life is more than one choice, more than one battle. We have also seen many cases of rapid death after consuming stimulants. For hydraulic manifold manufacturers, if they really want to succeed, they can ask "How can I establish my own core competitiveness and increase my chances of success?

Hydraulic manifold manufacturer AAK posts tweets or videos on its website every day, but some colleagues complain that this path is too difficult. Is there an easier one? The hydraulic manifold industry is too complicated and laborious. Would it be easier for the neighboring industry? Such complaints are like saying, 'Where do I go without putting in too much effort?'? Like most hydraulic manifold manufacturers saying,” where can I make easier profits?” To be honest, there are, but very few. In all walks of life, what should be difficult is difficult. Don't think others are "easy" just because you work hard. Because the so-called 'easy' is often only in the hands of a few people. Don't ask, 'This road is too difficult, is there an easier way?'. If hydraulic manifold manufacturers really want to find an easy path, they should ask, "Have there been any changes in the hydraulic manifold industry recently? Are there new emerging technologies, and have we actively followed up?”


Some hydraulic manifold manufacturers' sales sometimes complain that this customer is too difficult to handle. “What should we do? This hydraulic manifold is really stable, and engineers feel that it far surpasses their competitors in the market. That customer is pushing the price down very hard. Alas, the current customers are really getting harder to serve. Such a good thing is really not expensive.” This type of problem is equivalent to saying that I have done it well enough and the customer is not aware of the goods. Hydraulic manifold manufacturer AAK wants to say: don't think that way. If you haven't found the wrong customer, they think the price is expensive, and there are often only two reasons. Firstly, he believes that this hydraulic manifold is not worth spending so much money on. Secondly, the hydraulic manifold may cost him so much money, but your hydraulic manifold is not worth it. As long as customer think that it's not worth it, it's really not worth it. The only solution is to provide enough value to make him feel truly worthy from the bottom of his heart! If the hydraulic manifold manufacturer really wants to solve the problem, ask "What kind of value should I provide in order to make customers feel that it is truly worth it.”


In recent years, those stable and precise channels have gradually disappeared. Dividends turn red sea, profits become thinner, and competition becomes increasingly fierce. The more we reach this point, the more we actually have to do more difficult things and take more difficult paths. The easier road you take, the narrower it becomes. The more difficult the road is, the wider it becomes.


Hydraulic manifold manufacturer AAK, with more real thinking and less fake problems.


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