Frank from Germany consulted 6 hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers in China and found no results, AAK passed the test with only 1 time sample

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Frank from Germany consulted 6 hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers in China ...
Posting date : Apr 22, 2024
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Recently, an IP from Germany left a message on the website of hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer AAK: Can AAK process a hydraulic cartridge valve with the surface finish of the valve cage controlled within Ra0.2μm and with a dimensional accuracy tolerance within 0.5μm? I was a little pleasantly surprised to see this message because:


1. There are not many inquiries from German customers regarding hydraulic cartridge valves, although hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer AAK has supplied more than 30 countries, this should be the third German customer's inquiry.


2. Not many customers seem to have special requirements for the surface finish of hydraulic cartridge valve cage.


After 3 rounds of communication, I learned that Frank is a procurement engineer for hydraulic equipment company. Currently, he is in the trial stage to purchase from hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers in China and is not very satisfied with the details of Chinese hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers. Frank consulted 6 hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers in China, but none of them was unable to guarantee his requirements on the valve cage. The order that Frank tried is a standard part of SUN hydraulic cartridge valves, but the requirements are higher than SUN's. AAK re-optimized the production process and equipped specialized equipment to ensure Frank's requirements for hydraulic cartridge valve cages. At this point, some of our old equipment, old technicians, are put to use. After 20 days, 30 hydraulic cartridge valves were sent out. 1 week after receiving the samples, Frank recognized the hydraulic cartridge valve cage processed by AAK, which met his requirements.


We use a TOYODA cylindrical grinder from Japan to process the valve cage for this model. Although this grinder has been in AAK for 10 years and has a somewhat shabby appearance, it is the treasure of our veteran technicians, and we optimize the equipment every 2 years. Its stable grinding accuracy is the biggest advantage, not only high accuracy, but also stability, especially low vibration bed and high-precision feed mechanism, combined with specialized cutting fluid. The machined hydraulic cartridge valve cage has a clear contour and a surface finish of within Ra0.2μm, the dimensional accuracy tolerance is within 0.5μm.


Why can the hydraulic cartridge valves provided by AAK meet the requirements of the German customer, while other 6 Chinese hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers are uncertain? Because:


1. AAK adopts equipment from the Japanese military industry and also upgrades local functions. I don't know which hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers in Ningbo often have these actions.

2. The experienced technician from hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer AAK has over 30 years of industry experience.

3. For hydraulic cartridge valves with special requirements, AAK has the ability to re optimize production processes and pay attention to details.


AAK hydraulic cartridge valves, meets special requirements, and German customers are purchasing it. You can also try it out.



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