AAK Hydraulic Pressure Control Valve with a pressure resistance of 450bar, benchmarking with HAWE, Focuses on 3 Aspects

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AAK Hydraulic Pressure Control Valve with a pressure resistance of 450bar, bench...
Posting date : Oct 12, 2023
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Cemeh comes from Russia, and has been purchasing hydraulic valves smoothly. At the beginning of this year, he was very passive when purchasing a hydraulic pressure control valve that can withstand high pressure of 450bar. Their hydraulic power unit used in the aviation industry requires the use of hydraulic pressure control valves with high precision requirements and high pressure resistance. Cemeh made samples from a hydraulic pressure control valve manufacturer who has been cooperating for 3 years. The equipment has been debugged twice, and when the pressure reaches 450bar, there is a leak in the hydraulic pressure control valve. The original hydraulic valve manufacturer stated that due to the need to withstand high pressure of 450bar, the valve cage material can only be selected from high carbon chromium bearing steel, which has high hardness and is prone to precision errors during processing. Therefore, the original manufacturer gave up. Cemeh contacted other hydraulic valve manufacturers in China but was unsuccessful. 


Cemeh browsed AAK website on B2B and then introduced himself by sending an email asking 3 questions:

1. Can the AAK hydraulic pressure control valve be leak free at a high pressure of 450bar?

2. Can the AAK hydraulic pressure control valve be durable for more than 1 year at a high pressure of 450bar?

3. Is AAK interested in developing their small qty of hydraulic pressure control valves?


Based on his message, I judged that the hydraulic pressure control valve he purchased either cannot withstand high pressure of 450bar or has a service of only a few months. After communication, it was learned that the hydraulic pressure control valve from the original manufacturer leaked when pressurized. I provided a case of a Russian client for his reference. The AAK hydraulic valve was used on aircraft by a Russian client in 2019. And tell him that AAK's high-pressure hydraulic pressure control valve is based on HAWE's manufacturing quality, function, and performance.


Without further questioning, Cemeh just asked: Can AAK make sample for hydraulic pressure control valves based on his drawings? After 35 days, AAK sent out 20 hydraulic pressure control valves. After receiving the samples, Cemeh informed us in the second week that the trial run was successful. 2 months later, Cemeh sent us an order for 420 pcs of hydraulic pressure control valves.


Although the components of this hydraulic pressure control valve are difficult to process, AAK controls from 3 aspects: equipment, tools, detection.


1. The customized diamond reamer, has the smallest blunt radius of the cutting edge, which is not easy to break, and is also completely cut. Moreover, the coefficient of thermal expansion is small, and the thermal deformation is small. Even when machining high carbon chromium bearing steel, the machining accuracy of the valve hole is within 2μm.


2. In the precision machining stage, using honing machines imported from the United States not only further improves high-precision dimensional tolerances, but also optimizes surface roughness.


3. In the detection process, we use a Japanese imported coordinate measuring instrument to detect the dimensions, shapes, and positional tolerances of the components. Ensure accuracy without blind spots or dead corners.


AAK hydraulic pressure control valve, with a pressure resistance of 450bar, is calibrated against the manufacturing quality, function, and performance of HAWE. You can also give it a try!


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