AAK Hydraulic Needle Valve has tricks for flow control, Noah decisively gave up the original manufacturer

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AAK Hydraulic Needle Valve has tricks for flow control, Noah decisively gave up ...
Posting date : Oct 11, 2023
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Noah is from Brazil, and their hydraulic equipment is very popular locally. Last year, a batch of hydraulic needle valves customized from a hydraulic valve manufacturer in Ningbo China broke his smooth procurement experience. The hydraulic needle valve had unstable flow control, which had caused customer complaints. The original hydraulic needle valve manufacturer had replaced some parts, but the problem cannot be completely solved. The root cause was unstable accuracy, and Noah was very helpless.


Last September, Noah found AAK Hydraulic Valve and left us a message: Can AAK make a hydraulic needle valve with stable flow control and a service life of no less than 18 months? After communication, it was learned that about 30% of the hydraulic needle valves he purchased had unstable flow control. Noah sent us 10 samples of hydraulic needle valves from the original factory. After dissecting, we found that some hydraulic needle valves have a coaxiality error of 3μm. There are also 2μm.  According to his hydraulic system schematic, if controlled at 1.0μm or less, then the hidden problem of unstable flow control can be eradicated. Noah required AAK to make samples. 45 days later, Noah received samples of AAK hydraulic needle valves.


Today, we received an email from Noah stating that the AAK hydraulic needle valves have been in operation for 6 months and there have been no complaints of unstable flow control. They need to purchase a batch of hydraulic needle valves and need my feedback on the production time. The reason why AAK hydraulic needle valve can replace the original hydraulic valve manufacturer is because it focuses more on the accuracy and functionality of the hydraulic needle valve, with analysis, precision machining, and testing, with each process followed to another one.


1. Analysis of Amesim simulation software: Simulate the flow curve of liquid through a hydraulic needle valve, with specific and realistic parameters.


2. Control of precision machining: Using Swiss honing equipment and specialized fixtures, with 30 years of experienced technicians, the coaxiality of hydraulic needle valves can be controlled within 1.0μm.


3. Inspection and control: Use three coordinates for inspection, strictly control the coaxiality within the tolerance range, and also check the cylindricity.


AAK hydraulic needle valve, with analysis, accuracy, testing, and durability, you can also give it a try!


AAK HYDRAULIC VALVES (585) 2023-05-16


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