AAK,a Solenoid Valve Manufacturer in China, focus on quality from 3 points

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AAK,a Solenoid Valve Manufacturer in China, focus on quality from 3 points
Posting date : Jun 05, 2023
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Last Sunday, I went to the countryside to attend a friend's daughter's wedding, and I haven't seen a wedding in the countryside for a long time. It took over 2 hours of driving to arrive. The wedding scene was very touching. Nowadays, there are almost no rural people who get married without wearing wedding dresses, but 30 years ago, people were all dressed in bright red. Whoever marries in a white wedding dress will definitely be scolded.


In ancient China, there were two women, one beautiful named Xishi and the other ugly named Dongshi. Dongshi envies Xishi's beauty and constantly imitates her every move. One day, Xishi suffered from a heart ache and walked on the street covering her chest with her hand. Her eyebrows furrowed tightly and looked very charming. Upon seeing it, Dongshi thought it was very beautiful. She also covered her chest with her hand, frowning and making eyes. When people on the street saw her, they all retreated and thought she was mentally ill.


Imitation without understanding is the current situation of many people in Chinese society. Among these Chinese solenoid valve manufacturers in Ningbo, they all want to imitate HydraForce or SUN solenoid valves, but how many of them are completely benchmarking the manufacturing quality, function, and performance of HydraForce or SUN? AAK is the supplier of HydraForce for 9 consecutive years and Sun hydraulic for 5 consecutive years, rooted in our manufacturing quality inspected for 9 or 5 consecutive years, this is also AAK's confidence as a Chinese solenoid valve manufacturer.


I have also attended weddings of Western friends, but we have overlooked the fact that the focus of a foreigner's marriage is the wedding oath: whether in good or bad times, wealth or poverty, health or illness, happiness or sorrow, I will always love, cherish, and be loyal to you forever and ever.

Who remembers these words, the older sisters who have worn wedding dresses and the uncles who have married in western style weddings? Have uncles who have been married for N years ever regretted when their wife is no longer beautiful? Have the older sisters who have been married for N years ever complained about their husband's incompetence? For the proposal, in fact, the cultural background of Western wedding lies in Christianity. The so-called proposal is to let everyone supervise openly. You can't go to others anymore. It advocates monogamy. So those who casually sleep with others before marriage must not engage in foreign weddings, be careful if God punishes you; Those who have engaged in foreign weddings should not cheat after marriage, nor should they dislike each other for various reasons. Be careful that if God is effective, he will send you to hell.


There is an old Chinese saying: Don't burn incense casually! This sentence has a profound meaning behind it! Chinese solenoid valve manufacturers should not imitate casually, but instead focus on manufacturing quality, increasing the procurement cost of materials or accessories by more than 15%. The 1st step in improving quality is to eliminate cutting corners. Some Chinese solenoid valve manufacturers rely on cutting corners to earn profits, which is annoying. The 2nd step is to increase the processing cost by more than 10%, increase the number of quality inspectors for key processes, and assign responsibility to individuals. The 3rd step is to strictly implement the production process and not be careless. Only with the determination to manufacture quality and the guarantee of quality on the production line, can Chinese solenoid valve manufacturers have a tomorrow.


AAK, a solenoid valve manufacturer in China, does not imitate, only benchmarking, and focus on quality control from 3 aspects.


AAK HYDRAULIC VALVES (583) 2023-05-14


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