3 orders to AAK within 3 months, a Chinese Solenoid Valve manufacturer that Suker cannot do without

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3 orders to AAK within 3 months, a Chinese Solenoid Valve manufacturer that Suke...
Posting date : Oct 07, 2023
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Surprisingly, within 3 months, Suker issued 3 batches of solenoid valves to AAK. Suker came from Türkiye and started to develop Chinese solenoid valve manufacturers last year. I received his inquiry about solenoid valves on December 22nd in 2022. Suker said that he has been following AAK for a while and wants to make AAK the preferred partner for Chinese solenoid valve manufacturer.


Our email communication was very smooth, except for payment, there were no obstacles. His first solenoid valve order amount was not big, which was over 6,000 US dollars. He needed payment terms of NET 30 days, but I directly refused. Then he requested for 30% deposit, I still refused and insisted on a 100% T/T. After more than a week of suspension, he suddenly said he would accept AAK's payment terms. I thought that after this order, he would not place any more order with AAK due to payment terms, because some customers naively believe that it is easy for them to find a Chinese solenoid valve manufacturer. Although I have a good impression of Suker, if I really lose this customer due to payment terms, it's not sad. With so many solenoid valve customers around the world, it's normal to loss several customers.


AAK, as a Chinese solenoid valve manufacturer, often ponders a question: What is a customer?

1. be able to agree payment terms.

2. Pay attention to the quality of solenoid valves.


This is called the customer. The order of these two cannot be reversed. You can make the payment, but are unclear about the industry rules for Chinese solenoid valve manufacturers, or uncertain about the quality details of solenoid valves, this is not a problem because we will take care of it for you. AAK has been producing hydraulic valves for 13 years, and AAK is the supplier of HydraForce for 9 consecutive years and Sun hydraulics for 5 consecutive years. What is there to worry about? But if you can't afford to pay but have high quality requirements, we can't do anything about it.


Chinese solenoid valve manufacturers ask themselves 3 questions:

1. The customer only looks at whether the price is cheap, is that so?

2. What other guarantees do customers want besides price?

3. How can I guarantee and he believes in my guarantee?


After Suker received our first batch of solenoid valves, I estimated that he does not want to change a Chinese solenoid valve manufacturer, otherwise he would not have placed 3 orders with AAK in 3 months. I remember joking with Suker last time: we asked for pre shipment payment, and you were just worried about the safety of over 6,000 US dollars. AAK has a house and factory in Ningbo, and my family is all in Ningbo. I couldn't have bought your 6,000 US dollars and run away.


You can try AAK if you are unsure of the solenoid valve manufacturer in China, or if you have some solenoid valves that someone else is not good at it.


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