Standard DC new energy electric vehicle charging cable

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Standard DC new energy electric vehicle charging cable
Posting date : May 30, 2023
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Reference specification parameters

Product type: New energy vehicle special cable

Specification: 6*2.5mm²

Voltage level: 450-750V

Number of cores: 6 Nominal cross-section: 20-10

Core material: bare copper wire

Sheath material: TPE or XLPE

Sheath thickness: 3.9

Operating temperature: -40~+125, -40~+150

Model: new energy vehicle charging cable

Commodity Description:

Tip: Due to differences in specifications, materials and other parameters, the quotation is subject to verbal or written quotation by customer service.

Electric vehicle charging cable is used to connect the electric vehicle charging device with the charging infrastructure so as to transmit power to the electric vehicle, and is equipped with a certain number of signal lines, control lines, power auxiliary lines, etc. to ensure that the entire charging process is accurately controlled and operated safely and error-free. Charging cables are generally used in areas such as charging stations, parking lots, hotels, neighborhoods, garages, etc. Portable charging cables can be placed inside the car.

For example, some specifications of charging cables:



The above product specifications, sizes and structures may change due to technological advances, and similar specifications can be designed and manufactured according to customer needs.

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