AAK Hydraulic Cartridge Solenoid Valve is wear-resistant for 3 years without trouble, Kaka gave up the Brazilian manufacturer

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AAK Hydraulic Cartridge Solenoid Valve is wear-resistant for 3 years without tro...
Posting date : Sep 20, 2023
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Kaka is from Brazil. When he left a message and his signature on AAK hydraulic valve website, I thought of Kaka playing football. He encountered confusion about the service life of the locally purchased hydraulic cartridge solenoid valve. Their hydraulic power unit requires the use of a hydraulic cartridge solenoid valve benchmarking HydraForce, and he purchased the existing copy stocks from a local hydraulic valve manufacturer in Brazil. 6 months later, there were complaints about severe wear and leakage of the cartridge solenoid valve body. The original cartridge solenoid valve manufacturer said that due to poor working conditions, the only solution is to replace the valves with new ones. But it wasn't long before the old problem recurred. The customer was very dissatisfied and requested that the service life of the cartridge solenoid valve be at least 1 year, but the original manufacturer did not cooperate, making Kaka anxious. 


Kaka discovered AAK hydraulic valve on Google and left a message asking: Can AAK ensure that the service life of the cartridge solenoid valve is at least 1 year under high friction and high-frequency use? Especially the cartridge solenoid valve body needs to be wear-resistant. Upon seeing this message, I speculated that the selection of materials for the original cartridge solenoid valve was not targeted and only followed the industry standards. After communication, it was learned that he encountered the dilemma of the valves not being wear-resistant when purchasing from local hydraulic valve manufacturer in Brazil.


This model is a HydraForce standard part and AAK have it in stock. But for his working conditions, we cannot simply use 40Cr alloy steel to produce the body of this cartridge solenoid valve. Kaka may have realized that I came to the point and requested AAK to make 30 samples of the cartridge solenoid valves first. 2 weeks later, AAK sent out the cartridge solenoid valve samples.


Last week, Kaka placed a PO for 360 cartridge solenoid valves, which indicates that AAK hydraulic cartridge solenoid valve has passed the test with a service life of over 1 year. After confirming the delivery time for the first order, he told me that the customer is very satisfied with AAK cartridge solenoid valve, which is not only wear-resistant, but also leak free, and has no abnormalities within 1 year.


We have chosen high-strength alloy steel instead of the industry's 40Cr alloy steel to produce the body of this cartridge solenoid valve. The surface treatment of steel adopts electromagnetic induction heating, and the surface oxidation and decarburization of the workpiece are relatively light. The surface hardening layer is easy to control, and the hardness and toughness are high, increased by more than 30% compared to conventional heat treatment processes. Especially during induction heating surface quenching, the workpiece generates internal stress and improves its fatigue resistance. Therefore, the wear resistance of high-strength alloy steel treated in this way is 8-10 times that of the original 40Cr alloy steel. In the wear-resistant aspect, AAK cartridge solenoid valve can be used for 3 years without any trouble.


AAK hydraulic cartridge solenoid valve, wear-resistant for 3 years without any trouble, you can also give it a try!


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