A Brazilian customer went bankrupt, and AAK Hydraulic Sequence Valve had no loss of even 1 cent

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A Brazilian customer went bankrupt, and AAK Hydraulic Sequence Valve had no loss...
Posting date : Mar 08, 2024
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Last month, a Brazilian hydraulic valve customer informed me that due to domestic political reasons, they had stopped importing hydraulic valves. I was a bit surprised at the time, as he had been purchasing hydraulic Sequence Valves from AAK. Two weeks later, it was learned that this hydraulic valve customer had applied for bankruptcy. Fortunately, the hydraulic Sequence Valves supplied by AAK are all prepaid. It was heard that the other two hydraulic valve manufacturers in Ningbo have over 70,000 US Dollars of payment for hydraulic Sequence Valves not recovered.


Lucio and I met 3 years ago. After purchasing hydraulic Sequence Valves from AAK for a period of time, he asked me to accept a TT NET 60 days of payment terms, but I politely declined, then he moved a portion of the hydraulic Sequence Valve orders to peers in Ningbo, with several high-precision hydraulic Sequence Valves continuing to be purchased from AAK.


When Lucio initially discussed the payment terms with me, he confidently said, "I won't owe you any money, even if the finance department runs out of money, I will pay you for the hydraulic Sequence Valves”. I hesitated a bit, but on second thought, what kind of guarantee should I use? After all, this is not his personal business, but the company's business.


Last week, my aunt came to borrow money from my mother because my cousin borrowed an online loan. If she doesn't repay it, there will be big trouble. My aunt hopes her elder sister can lend 500,000 yuan to her. My aunt cried and said, 'I want to save my son even I bankrupt myself. '!


I know my cousin's addiction to gambling, which is a bottomless pit. 2 years ago, my aunt had already repaid my cousin's gambling debt of over 200,000 yuan. Now, his behavior repeated again and borrowed online loan unexpectedly, and all his bank cards have been overdrawn, creating a hole of 500,000 yuan.


My mother doesn't have much money in her hands. Seeing that her younger sister is pitiful, she wants me to help my cousin. My aunt asked me to believe in her. She will return money definitely. My mother certainly believes in her sister and is willing to guarantee this loan.


I asked my aunt when to return it? Aunt said: 5 years at most! I answered: Of course I believe in you, but do you believe in me? If you believe me, my cousin has a property with a market value of 600,000 yuan, but now the property is not very prosperous. If you are eager to sell it, it will be 500,000 yuan. I can lend my cousin 500,000 yuan, but he must transfer the property to me. When he returns the money to me, I will transfer the property back to him. Even if the price of the house has increased, and I don't want any more money. Even if the ownership is transferred to me, I don't need rent. If he doesn't pay back in 5 years, then I'll sell this house! I asked my aunt to go back and discuss with my cousin.


My aunt cried and said, 'If the house is gone, what will he do in the future?'? This won't work. Even if your cousin doesn't pay you back, I will definitely pay you back if I smash the pot and sell iron! I said to my aunt: I understand, you are preparing to smash my pot and sell my iron! Do you think my money was brought by the wind? If you don't agree to this plan, then we don't have to talk about it!


This is also a unique feature of China, where one likes to borrow money from others and vows to repay by smashing pots and selling iron, but there is no guarantee.


Many times, doing business and living are the same feeling. Without effort or trust, how to close a hydraulic Sequence Valve deal? The payment of customers is also the same. Customers who pay attention to quality often make payments easily, which is what they say and do.


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