Chinese Solenoid Cartridge Valve Manufacturer, how to guard a pass for a girl finding a boyfriend?

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Chinese Solenoid Cartridge Valve Manufacturer, how to guard a pass for a girl fi...
Posting date : Feb 26, 2024
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I am a Chinese solenoid cartridge valve manufacturer, and have spent all my time of 30 years on solenoid valves. Although I have only made a small profit, I have read many books and always understand a truth: where is time spent, achievement lies.


Yesterday, an old friend asked us to go to his house for lunch, and help him guard a pass for his future son-in-law by the way. This friend believes that I read a lot and see people accurately, so he invited me to this lunch. Pitiful world parents heart, which is also a characteristic of China.


After dinner, we chatted casually, then the boy left, for the boy's company was temporarily busy and he had to work overtime. I said to my friends daughter, 'Is there any future development for your boyfriend or the man you're going to marry?'? Actually, it can be seen from 2 points:

1. Where did he spend all his time?

2. What are the friends he makes?


If his social circle showcases life and leisure activities, such as traveling today, going to the gym tomorrow, and having a friend gathering the day after tomorrow, then skiing, diving, red wine, coffee... even if he is driving a luxury car and wearing a brand name, he will not have much success in the future. Because these are not his own, perhaps he has a good family. How can a serious man under 45 waste his time on these? All their time is spent on making money. I remember that in the first 5 years after starting my business, I had no rest for the whole year. It is not easy for a China solenoid valve manufacturer to become famous. I not only focus on the quality of solenoid valve manufacturing and optimize the structure of solenoid valves, but also make some local innovation of solenoid valves, all of which require time and skills.


And what kind of friends does he make? If those friends are not as good as him, or are all similar to him, he will be like this in his life! Birds of a feather flock together. He hasn't even made an awesome friend, so he won't be able to awesome in his lifetime! Girls in love must pay attention to advice from family relationships, because only family relationships are the eternal rocks by the sea, and love is like the rising and falling tides of the sea. No parents will harm their children, and children will not truly understand their parents' pains until they become parents. Modern parents don't have anyone who wants to get something from their children's marriage, just to give you a check. Who is more trustworthy, your mother or your man? Of course it's your mother, she won't lie to you! Of course, heavy industry is a unique feature of China.


What kind of friends do you make around you? This can also be compared to China solenoid cartridge valve manufacturer. What customers do you serve? If these customers have low quality requirements, as long as the price is cheap, the manufacturing quality is certainly just fine. If a Chinese solenoid valve manufacturer does not have even one awesome customer, then it is not possible for this manufacturer to be awesome.


AAK solenoid valve, 2-24-72 hour service, for awesome customers


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