AAK Cartridge Solenoid Valve, only talking to customers from the bottom of heart

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AAK Cartridge Solenoid Valve, only talking to customers from the bottom of heart
Posting date : May 18, 2023
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What should you do if buyer ignored your advice on cartridge solenoid valves from a professional perspective? This is a problem that my colleague encountered a while ago. A Pakistani client requested us to replicate the cartridge solenoid valve according to his sample, but the service life of the cartridge solenoid valve must be 2 million times. Our engineer provided material options and a plan for optimizing the structure of the cartridge solenoid valve, but buyer requested to follow his sample, so communication came to a deadlock. I don't know what to do, but I understand that listening is the most difficult part of communication. Many people talk to people without their ears, and when you talk to them, they listen to themselves.


The day before yesterday, my wife took my son to have a new hairstyle. Yesterday, when he came home from school, he said to his mother: Today, the children teased me because of my new hair. His mother didn't even think about it, and immediately responded: How beautiful it is! The boy should have such a haircut. The children don't understand it.


Before going to bed at night, my son asked me: How is the new haircut? I felt his unhappiness and asked him, 'How do you feel about yourself?'? He looked in the mirror and said, 'It's still a bit cool.'. I asked him again: Did they make fun of you? Have they commented on your haircut?. He said, yes. Then he told me all the things that happened at school today, happy, unhappy, interesting, and boring, all of which he kept talking about. Talking to him, I suddenly thought of AAK's cartridge solenoid valve customer.


Some people say that customers are like parents, and if we compare like this. For parents, it is important to understand that listening first requires understanding the child's feelings, rather than attempting to arbitrarily deny them. Parents can use neutral questions or comments to answer suppliers' suggestions. Such a response makes cartridge solenoid valve suppliers feel that customers are willing to listen to his suggestions, and these cartridge solenoid valve suppliers may also slowly talk about more important things, such as the cartridge solenoid valve market and new selling points for cartridge solenoid valves.


In fact, many times, it's not because the child doesn't tell you their heart or their secrets, it's because you never listen! You only know how to educate. The same goes for customers of cartridge solenoid valves. Suppliers don't tell you their hearts or the business prospects of cartridge solenoid valves, because you never listen!


AAK cartridge solenoid valve, not only professional suggestions, but also innermost statement.


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