Replacement of Weasler 55 Series PTO Shaft

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Replacement of Weasler 55 Series PTO Shaft
Posting date : May 16, 2023
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PTO Shaft Replacing for Weasler 55 Series

Replacement for Weasler 55 Series PTO Shaft

1/8''-6 7

Requires Cross Kit.

Implementation Yoke is required.

The engine produces 106 horsepower at 540 RPM.

48' Compressed Length (Dim. A)

55 Series Replacement PTO Shaft Weasler specifications:

Spec. Imperial Metric

Bore 1 Minus End Yoke

Bore 2 Minus End Yoke

Compressed (Closed) Length 37.38 inches 949 millimeters

Compressed Overall Length 48.00 inches 1219 mm

Connection 1 YOKE Arms

Connection 2 ARMS WITH YOKE

Extended Length 61.13 inches 1553 mm

Extended Overall Length 72.00 inches 1829 mm

HP@1000RPM 164 HP 122 Kilowatts

HP@540RPM HP 106 79 Kilowatts

Length 48.00 inches 1219 mm

Outside Diameter 7.28 inches 185 millimeters

Shipping Dimensions 37.38" L 37.38" L 7.28" H 7.28" W x 7.28" W 95cm L x 18cm H 18cm W

Shipping Volume 1981.08 in3 32464 cm3

Shipping Weight 41.90 pounds 19 kilograms

Weight 41.90 pounds 19 kilograms

Replacing of 55 Series Weasler PTO Shaft Parts:

Tractor Yoke The Cross & Bearing Kit Shaft Shaft Weld Yoke

Slip Sleeve Tube Tube The Weld Yoke implement Yoke

Yoke & Shaft Assembly Yoke & Tube Assembly Drivelines Guard & Guard Bearing

What is PTO shaft?

 PTO shaft plays an essential function as it transmits power between the tractor and the implement attached. The components of the PTO shaft comprise of the inner and outer PTO yokes as well as universal joints, safety chains, and guards. There are many different kinds of PTO shafts that you can choose from and it is crucial to select the best one for your particular equipment and use.

HZPT provides three distinct kinds of shafts for PTO: North American, German and Italian. Each type comes with multiple choices of series, which include different bearing diameters, overall cover-tocover lengths, as well as snap rings. The most precise method to determine which series is the right one is to determine the outer diameter of the cap and the U-joint , from one side that the cap is to one side. The location that the snap rings are located is a further crucial factor.

PTO Shaft Components:

1. PTO Shaft Outer Yoke 3. PTO Shaft Inner Yoke 5. Plastic PTO Shaft Guard

2. PTO Shaft Universal Joints 4. PTO Shaft Guard Chains 6. PTO Shaft Tube

How do I measure PTO Shaft Parts?

Properly measuring shafts is essential to choose the right PTO size. Each part must be measured in a certain manner to be able to fit into the standard dimension. Follow these steps to make sure you have the right measurements and to get the correct pieces for your tractor.

1. Measuring the Shaft

To determine the length of your shaft, it is important to first ensure that it has been placed in the position, when your shaft is the smallest. Make use of a tape measurement to measure the length of to the outside edge of every yoke. This measurement is known as the length of the yoke that is closed. Utilize this measurement to determine the proper series size for your tractor's horsepower.

Also, be aware the clutches, shear pins or splined ends for your implements.

2. Find the Universal Joint

When taking measurements of a universal joint, take a measurement of the length that runs from one end's outer edge to the next. It is also necessary to note the width of one side that is part of the universal joint. These numbers will help you determine the correct gimbal size.

3. Combine Them All

You'll require both of the measurements described above to locate the PTO shaft which is compatible with your tractor. Use the PTO size chart for yoke to find the proper size or you can use our PTO series discover tool.

What scenario can you use it for? the PTO Shaft?

There are PTO shafts in use whenever equipment doesn't come with an engine of its own. For instance, you'll frequently observe a power take-off in agricultural vehicles and commercial equipment. In reality, the development of the PTO originated from the inventiveness of farmers. Tractor engines can be used as PTOs to control hand augers and other equipment. The other uses you will see on shafts for PTOs comprise hay balers and woodchippers harvesters and robotic arms water pumps, etc.

The PTO shafts are constructed to last and we offer solid service with sturdy construction. High-performance PTO drive shafts offer the best drive shaft option for the turf, agricultural and lawn industries.

TTO-related shaft accident Safety Tips:

PTO shaft injuries are one of the most frequently occurring and serious cause of injuries resulting from tractor accidents. Before operating the tractor or installing PTO shafts, make sure you read and follow all safety instructions and the best practice contained in manuals of the operator for the tractor and the implement. Check that all shielding and the other components of the tractor and PTO shaft elements are properly working state. Don't work using the tractor or Implement PTO shaft components when the engine of the tractor is running or when any part of the PTO shaft-powered equipment is in motion.

PTO shaft guards must always be maintained and in good working order. If the guards or other part of the PTO shaft breaks or is damaged the PTO shaft must be replaced right away We have a range of PTO shaft types and sizes here.

Remove your PTO shaft, switch off the tractor and be sure that it's stationary prior to cleaning, fixing, servicing or adjusting machines.

Never step over a rotating shaft.

Always make sure you use the recommended driveline and don't change them between machines.

Make sure your PTO shaft driveline has been securely secured to the tractor PTO stub shaft.

The tractor's drawbar should be placed in the correct position for each machine, so that it is less stressed on the driveline when it is on uneven terrain or in turns, to avoid the line from separating.

Avoid tight turns that squeeze the shafts that rotate in between the tractor attachment and.

Connect power to the PTO shaft slowly.

Maintain an overhang of 40 percent in between both ends of the PTO shaft.

Beware of overtightening slip clutches of PTO-driven machines.

Wear tight-fitting clothes and keep your hair trimmed as you work on PTO shafts. PTO shaft.

PTO Shaft for Agricultural Gearbox

Agriculture equipment comprises a variety in PTO shafts. Each shaft is connected with two yokes and is able to rotate between the 540 and 1000 rpm. Safety shields are typically put on both ends of the PTO shaft to safeguard the operator. These shields can also be used in tractors and other agricultural equipment, which ensures maximal effectiveness. Internal Yokes is also a great way to increase security.

This farm gearbox is designed to adjust the speed of the output of the PTO shaft. It can be utilized as an increasing or decreasing ratio gearbox. In the gearbox with a decreased ratio it decreases its PTO shaft's speed from 1,000 RPM to 540 rpm, permitting you to use equipment that is designed to operate at speeds of 540 rpm. In contrast an increase ratio gearbox boosts speeds of PTO shaft to 540rpm up to 1000 rpm.

If you're also looking for agricultural gearboxes as well as PTO shafts, do not hesitate to call us!

Why Choose Our PTO Shaft?

1. We offer our Standard PTO shaft is a simple item, ideal for simple tasks. It is designed to meet the needs of the budget-conscious, hassle-free customer Our Standard PTO shaft is perfect for those who own equipment that is a fan of quality and needs an indispensable drive shaft that will be as efficient as they can.

2. If your equipment requires an PTO shaft that has enough power to projects ranging from the vital to the hefty our traditional PTO shaft is able to provide the durability and strength you require. This PTO shaft offers users the durability and quality they require to complete various tasks.

3. Our most robust PTO shaft is built to take on the most demanding continuous, heavy-duty, continuous applications. With the best options available Our professional PTO shaft comes designed to meet and surpass expectations of the toughest applications.

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