PTO Shaft Replacement Of Weasler 44 Series

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PTO Shaft Replacement Of Weasler 44 Series
Posting date : May 16, 2023
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PTO Shaft Replacement Of Weasler 44 Series

Our ever-growing line of power supplies many parts that fall into the following categories:

Power take-off shaft and other components: required to maximize the output power that the device can provide.

Connecting rod for tractor: We offer a variety of 5-stage eight-stage, locking and T-handle hitchpins, and round snap, square, and round lock pins.

Camera systems: use our camera observation system to increase the productivity, visibility, and safety in the workplace.

Spray and other parts Choose from the essential spray parts from numerous drum pumps as well as top brands like Jet, Delavan and crop maintenance and many more.

Transmission of power: you can find numerous Carlyle V-belt options for transmitting the power generated by the engine of the device to other crucial components.

Specifications Of 44 Series PTO shaft

Bore 1 1.37 inches 35 millimeters

Bore 1 1 3/8-6 SPLINE

Bore 2 Minus End Yoke

Compressed (Closed) Length 38.00 inches 965 millimeters

Compressed Overall Length 47.94 inches 1218 mm

Connection 1 Quickly DISCONNECT

Connection 2 YOKE Arms

Extended Length 61.75 inches 1568 millimeters

Extended Overall Length 71.69 inches 1821 mm

HP@1000RPM 119 HP 89 Kilowatts

HP@540RPM 77 HP 57 Kilowatts

Length 47.94 inches 1218 mm

Outside Diameter 7.28 inches 185 millimeters

Dimensions of Shipping 45" L 45" L 7.28" H 45" L x 7.28" H 7.28" W 114cm L x 18cm H 18cm W

Shipping Volume 2384.93 in3 39082 cm3

Shipping Weight 50.00 pounds 23 kilograms

Weight 50.00 pounds 23 kilograms

Weasler 44 Series PTO Shaft Parts

Tractor Yoke Cross and Bearing Kit Shaft Shaft Weld Yoke

Slip Sleeve Tube Tube Weld Yoke Implement Yoke

Yoke & Shaft Assembly Yoke & Tube Assembly Drivelines Guard & Guard Bearing

PTO Shaft Application

Sizing a PTO Shaft

When buying a new tractor that comes with an PTO shaft, or replacing one that is old or replacing an old one, the majority of PTO shafts require to be cut in order to fit the length of your tractor and equipment that is using it. This is the easy procedure we've outlined in the next steps.

Connect the tractor and the implement three-point linkage, but not connect to the PTO.

In order to determine how long the needed PTO shaft it is important to determine what distance is between the groove of the tractor PTO shaft of output and that on the actual PTO output shaft.

Once you've completed your measurement, you typically suggest taking another 75mm off the PTO shaft to act as buffers to make it easier to connection. If there isn't a buffer, it will not permit any movement, and may cause damage to the joint that connects the universal joints on the PTO shaft, or even damage the tractor or the implement.

To make it easier to understand how we can help, we will employ the following example:

Length of the brand new PTO shaft is 1,000mm, from the head down to the tail.

Distance between the tractor's output shaft and the output shaft is 800mm.

Additional buffer = 75mm

In order to achieve our measurements we must perform these operations:

PTO shaft length is The distance that separates the tractor from the the +75mm buffer.

It is important to remove 1000mm - 800mm+75mm=275mm the PTO shaft.

The most efficient method of cutting the PTO shaft to the proper dimension is to cut it into two pieces in such a way that there are both external and internal parts. The plastic cover doesn't have to be removed. In the above scenario we have to cut off 275mm of the length and therefore we must take 275mm, 275mm off the plastic cover as well as the steel pipe both inside and outside inside the PTO shaft. The first step is to measure the desired amount on the end cover for the power take-off. write it down and then cut off the excess. Then , take the desired amount of the pipe made from steel, and cut it off using an angle or hacksaw. Repeat the steps above to cut the other part of the PTO shaft.

You must ensure that all burrs have been eliminated from the cutting side of the PTO shaft to allow the PTO slide properly. It is also recommended to apply grease to all sides of your PTO prior to reassembling it. After rebuilding your PTO shaft the shaft can then be linked to the tractor and the implements.

PTO Shaft for Agricultural Gearboxes

It is the farm gearbox and the PTO shaft are two vital tractor parts that work in tandem to transfer power. The PTO shaft is rotated at 540 or 1,000 RPM. Axles connect to the agriculture gearbox to the PTO shaft on both ends. Depending on the purpose they might be more or less torque rating. As a professional agricultural machine parts dealer, we offer a wide selection of PTO shafts to purchase. Contact us today for more information!

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PTO Shaft Manufacturer

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