3 stories to see the integrity, AAK engaged in Hydraulic Manifolds with Goodwill

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3 stories to see the integrity, AAK engaged in Hydraulic Manifolds with Goodwill
Posting date : Oct 22, 2023
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Some time ago, I heard or saw a few stories. Today, I want to share my experience of AAK hydraulic manifolds.


The story of a peer. 2 years ago, there was a bidding under the framework of the Belt and Road, involving a bidding of more than 1 million dollars for hydraulic manifolds. This hydraulic manifold is very conventional, which is equivalent to standard parts. Because the price is too low, AAK hydraulic manifold gave up directly. A hydraulic manifold manufacturer in Ningbo received about 1/3 of the orders. After the hydraulic manifolds were shipped to abroad, there was a quality problem. The manufacturer knew that the whole batch of hydraulic manifolds was completed by several factories, so he assumed that it was not produced by him.


The story of a famous person. Yang Lan and her husband Wu Zheng, a glamorous couple, attended a private royal banquet hosted by Prince Charles of England a few years ago, and promised to donate 1 million pounds. But after the banquet, they replaced this one million pounds with something. Prince Charles said that he had never seen such a shameless person.


The story of a famous enterprise. In November 2018, Xiaomi Company launched a promotion campaign of "1 pound rush to buy Xiaomi 8" in order to expand the British market. However, at the time of rush purchase, the screen always showed "robbed" when the rush purchase button was pressed. No one can buy the Xiaomi 8 mobile phone for 1 pound. Maybe most people think they are slow, they can't prove each other. However, in the UK, keyboard warrior cracked the code of the flash buying website. He was surprised to find that no matter how fast you snap up, you are doomed to fail to snap up.


The above 3 stories, no matter they are manufacturers, celebrities or famous enterprises, are ugly and derived from cleverness. Many times, we have been numb by such behaviors. Now those engaged in international business, who are used to cheating at home, will also bring this bad habit abroad, thinking that they are smart enough to bring big profits. That would be a wrong calculation. The behaviors derived from these cleverness are the manifestation of immorality and "evil".


Why is a person evil? They are usually obsessed with reaching their goals without a bottom line. He has set goals, such as not taking responsibility, earning fame, making money, etc. These goals will lock him in a way. Since he is on the same road, he will sooner or later meet people who have no bottom line and are worse than him. He has no place to hide, then he will be unlucky.


AAK hydraulic manifolds, each product, no matter the hydraulic cartridge valve, or valve block, or hydraulic manifold, carries the AAK marking and manufacture date. AAK disdains the shirking of the above peer. Whether as an enterprise or an individual, we should be good. Goodness has no specific direction, no matter to customers, suppliers, employees or friends. If you release goodwill without direction, you may get rewards from all directions. Those who can succeed depend on themselves, and those who are good depend on God. I think that's what I mean. God does not refer to God or immortals, but refers to the uncertainty of things to rely on. Good and evil are not two ends of a line, but one is narrow and one is extremely broad.


 AAK hydraulic manifolds, relying on trust, do good deeds and make friends.


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