AAK used 3 tricks to optimize the Hydraulic Manifold of the original manufacturer, and reduced the cost by 30%. Uberto's engineers were impressed

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AAK used 3 tricks to optimize the Hydraulic Manifold of the original manufacture...
Posting date : Jan 13, 2023
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Uberto is from a hydraulic equipment company in Mexico and has been engaged in the procurement of hydraulic components for 2 years. At the end of last year, their customer customized a hydraulic power unit, and the hydraulic manifold of it was made by a local hydraulic manifold manufacturer. The commissioning of the equipment was smooth, and the customer was also satisfied, but the price of the equipment was more than 15% higher than that of similar products in the market. The company requested to optimize the hydraulic manifold to reduce the cost, but the original hydraulic manifold manufacturer has no idea.


Uberto found AAK website on google. According to the background trace, he stayed for more than 10 minutes and left us a message: Can AAK optimize hydraulic manifold to reduce costs? After communication, we learned that the customer disliked the high price of their equipment. According to the schematic diagram of the hydraulic system provided by him and the original hydraulic manifold drawing, after discussion, AAK technical team proposed an optimization scheme, which is to form a combined hydraulic manifold, reduce the installation difficulty and cost. When Uberto's engineers learned that AAK had an optimized hydraulic manifold scheme, and that the cost would be reduced by 30%, they expressed doubts, then there was no further news. 2 weeks later, Uberto suddenly requested AAK to make samples for the hydraulic manifold and paid the development cost. After 50 days, AAK sent 3 hydraulic manifold samples.


Last week, Ubertor emailed that the hydraulic power unit with AAK hydraulic manifold had been installed on the equipment and had been tracked for 4 weeks. The function and stability of the hydraulic power unit is the same as the original hydraulic manifold. Their customer decided to purchase their hydraulic power units. The boss was very satisfied and their engineers were also impressed.


The combined hydraulic manifold optimized by AAK is a modular, configurable and open hydraulic manifold. It abandons the traditional mode of using "single element" combined circuit, avoids overlapping functions and structures, and reduces control valves, which is the key to significantly reduce costs.


1. The four-way hydraulic manifold control system is composed of pilot control valve group, 4 two-way cartridge valve control components, manifold blocks and connectors. It has 4 main channels, several pilot control channels, and 2 external mounting surfaces, which greatly reduces components. This is a technical activity.


2. The top of the hydraulic manifold is provided with a boss, which is a boss type step surface composed of the boss and 2 parallel finishing planes. The mounting surface of the convex part of the boss is installed with 2 groups of pilot control valve groups, and the mounting surface of the plane parallel to the boss plane is installed with a two-way cartridge valve. 


3. The left and right sides of the hydraulic manifold are used to connect the high pressure input port and low pressure output port of the main channel as well as the pilot control channel, and the rear side is used as the connection port of the high pressure output port of the main channel. The installation of components is convenient and fast.


AAK hydraulic manifold, focusing on cost performance, insisting on function and stability, you can also try a small order!


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