AAK Hydraulic Manifold is not a brand, nor can it do marketing, so how can we make a deal?

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AAK Hydraulic Manifold is not a brand, nor can it do marketing, so how can we ma...
Posting date : Oct 08, 2023
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Last week, Marc and I talked about a processing detail of hydraulic manifolds. By the way, I asked him why did you choose AAK for your first hydraulic manifold supplier 4 years ago. He just sent me 1 word: trust. 


These days, I wonder: What is the core of AAK hydraulic manifolds? Is the manufacturing quality good in China? It must be good. The problem is that your hydraulic manifold is of good quality. How can you make customers think it is really good, and really reliable? I think they finally decided to place order with AAK because they trusted me, so I feel that trust is the key to a deal for the grassroots and our small bosses of hydraulic manifolds.


AAK hydraulic manifold is not a brand. I don't have a brand. It is neither a marketing, I don't study marketing, so I think trust plays a role. Whether brand or marketing, we seem to be pulled away by these words. AAK hydraulic manifolds do business through the Internet. In the end, I feel that it is not marketing, nor brand, but trust.


I want to put trust and reliability first. On the Internet, I never think about brands or marketing. As long as you think about how customers can trust me, you should think in this direction. You should think about the things that can be seen, touched and landed. If you do this well, in fact, the marketing is successful and the brand is gradually emerging. With trust and reliability in mind, instead of brand and marketing, the final goal was to achieve the goal of brand and marketing. Finally, the performance rose, and AAK hydraulic manifolds have been walking in this way.


99% of industrial products have no loyalty and reputation. Have you ever seen anyone hype hydraulic manifolds? AAK business relies on:

1) The hard strength of hydraulic manifold manufacturing quality.

2) The ingenious strength of peripheral innovation.

3) The soft power of online trust. 


The efficiency brought by trust is the highest, and the influence brought by trust is the greatest. The bonus brought by trust is more high-quality customers. To achieve performance and profit, we can only rely on high-quality customers. There is no second way to go.


The reliability is better than all brands and marketing. The promotion of AAK hydraulic manifolds is to pay less trust tax, and the promotion of AAK hydraulic manifolds is to reap trust dividends.


As for being a person that others can trust, I would like to tell what I saw in a hydraulic manifold factory of my colleague in the same industry yesterday. His assistant knocked on the door and said that he was uncertain about a customer. The customer requested to talk to the boss directly. The colleague said to his assistant: Tell the customer that the boss is not in the office. I hastened to say that you should leave me alone. In fact, I'm not worried about the customer on the phone. I'm more worried about the assistant. The assistant is watching him and learning from him.


Why can't many employees trust their managers? Most of the time, it is not because of big things, but just because of these small things. The dishonest small things that often happen in daily life gradually weaken and erode the credit. Small things are very important. For example, if someone comes to see you, you can make an appointment again if it is inconvenient. You can't tell the assistant that the boss is in a meeting, but actually the boss is not in a meeting. Your employees will always look at such small things.


There is an old saying in China, which is called "like a fish in water". For fish, water exists naturally. The fishes are full of water around them, and they are completely immersed in the water, even without being aware of the existence of water. If water is dry or polluted, fish will realize that water is its most basic need. Without water, fish will die. In business, trust is an indispensable part of transactions, and we rely on it. If polluted or not, we will die.


Without trust, all transactions will fail. AAK Hydraulic manifolds never do such a silly thing.


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