How to choose a fertilizer plant site?

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How to choose a fertilizer plant site?
Posting date : Nov 25, 2022
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 Whether it is organic fertilizer manufacturing processnpk production linebio organic fertilizer production, etc, in the process of fertilizer production, certain pollution will be generated, such as livestock and poultry manure. In the process of producing organic fertilizer, if it is not handled properly, it will cause secondary pollution to the ecological environment secondary pollution, and even aroused public opposition. Therefore, the site selection, planning and design, and raw material selection of organic fertilizer plants should pay full attention to the determination of the process.

1. Site selection
During the transportation and fermentation process, the raw materials for organic fertilizer production will produce some special smells more or less. Therefore, the site selection of organic fertilizer plants should follow the following principles:
(1) Stay away from residential areas and industrial areas to avoid disgusting surrounding residents and other production plants. (2) Close to the source of the main raw materials to reduce transportation costs and transportation pollution. (3) The traffic is relatively convenient. (4) Water supply and power supply are convenient.
2. On-site planning of organic fertilizer plant
The construction of organic fertilizer plants also has the principle of taking measures according to local conditions. On the basis of their own conditions, business owners can give full play to their wisdom and do a good job in the construction of fertilizer plants. The planning and construction of organic fertilizer plants generally have the following characteristics: (1) The office area should be as far away from the fermentation site as possible, and the office area should be in an upwind position. (2) The channel for fermentation raw materials to enter the factory is independent and remote, and separated from the main channel of the enterprise. (The raw material for fermentation may be feces, and it is very inappropriate for the source of the smell to come in and out of the factory gate all day long.) (3) The staff living area is separated from the fermentation site. (4) The raw material area should be continuous and not far apart from fermentation plant-semi-finished product aging area-deep processing area-finished product area.

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