What fields can organic fertilizer production equipment be applied in?

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What fields can organic fertilizer production equipment be applied in?
Posting date : Nov 25, 2022
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 Organic fertilizer production equipment uses cow dung, pig manure, chicken manure and other livestock and poultry manure as raw materials to produce organic fertilizer. When chicken manure, pigs, sheep and other livestock are fed, due to weak digestion, 75% of the nutrients in the feed are excreted with the feces, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, amino acids and protein. Organic matter is good for soil and crops, so many people use organic fertilizer equipment to make these fertilizers into organic fertilizer for secondary use. In order to improve production efficiency, organic fertilizers machine can be combined into various organic fertilizer production lines, such as npk production lineorganic fertilizer production process,bio organic fertilizer production etc.

1. Applicable to various raw materials. Organic fertilizer processing equipment is not only suitable for livestock and poultry manure, but also for peat, sludge, lignite, straw, corn flour, fermented soybean meal and grass meal to produce mixed feed pellets.
2. The organic fertilizer production equipment is highly efficient and fully automatic. For example, during fermentation, simply put the ingredients in the stock. .Auxiliary materials. Put the driver and other materials into the fermentation equipment, press the button to automatically ferment without manual turnover, and the fermentation time is doubled. Shorten the production time of organic fertilizers.
3. High-yield complete sets of organic fertilizer production equipment include fermentation equipment, drying equipment, granulation equipment, dehydration equipment, etc., with a production capacity of 30,000 tons and an annual fecal sewage treatment capacity of nearly 80,000 cubic meters. For granulation equipment, we recommend drum granulation.

Zhengzhou Huazhiqiang organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers are based on the principle of honest management, aggressive and pioneering, including organic fertilizer production lines, npk production lines, etc., complete supporting facilities and after-sales service, welcome to consult.

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