How dHow does the organic fertilizer dryer work?oes the organic fertilizer dryer work?

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How dHow does the organic fertilizer dryer work?oes the organic fertilizer dryer...
Posting date : Nov 25, 2022
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 A full set of organic fertilizer production equipment includes: fermentation turning machine, crusher, feeder, horizontal mixer, organic fertilizer granulator machine, dryer, cooling machine, screening machine, weighing and packaging machine. What role does the organic fertilizer dryer play in the organic fertilizer production process? How does it work? How to set up the organic fertilizer dryer? The processing of organic fertilizer not only requires the cooperation of the fermentation equipment in the organic fertilizer equipment, but also requires the drying, packaging and other processes in the later stage. At this time, in order to achieve the desired effect, how to set up the drying system?

Before using fertilizer dryer, the material needs to be fed first. In order to prevent abnormal phenomena such as material clogging, it is recommended to use a hopper with asymmetric geometry, or increase the inclination angle of the hopper wall, and set a puncture hole at the outlet. At the same time, pay attention to reducing the materials in the warehouse, reduce the pressure of the warehouse, and design the arched vibration feeding hopper according to the nature of the materials, which is used for feeding the organic fertilizer dryer.
Next, if drying, the drying heat system generally includes a combustion chamber, an organic fertilizer dryer, and exhaust dust removal. Among them, the selection of exhaust fans and dust collectors should meet the requirements of organic fertilizer equipment. The discharge port under the suction hood should be equipped with an air lock device, and insulation and heat preservation measures should be taken for dust collectors and exhaust pipes.

In addition, the combustion chamber of the organic fertilizer dryer equipment should generally consider setting up an "air-flue gas" mixing chamber to install a thermometer for measuring the temperature of the flue gas and a cold air door for adjusting the mixing amount of cold air. A reasonable windshield should also be designed to prevent high-temperature flames from burning to the dryer cylinder and feeding pipe.

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