How to configure a suitable dust collector for the organic fertilizer production line?

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How to configure a suitable dust collector for the organic fertilizer production...
Posting date : Nov 25, 2022
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How to reduce the impact of dust on the human body during the operation of organic fertilizer production equipment? The entire screening mechanism with a good working environment is designed in a sealed dust cover, which reduces the phenomenon of dust flying during the screening process, thereby improving the working environment. There is a lot of dust in the packaging, and inhaling a large amount of dust is also very harmful to human health. Dust removal equipment is installed in the workshop, workers are equipped with necessary labor protection products, and dust collectors are essential.

How to configure a suitable dust collector for the organic fertilizer production line? The organic fertilizer production line is equipped with a dust collector, which usually collects dust and reduces dust emissions. It is necessary to correctly understand the relationship between dust removal power and filtration wind speed. Dust removal function and filtration resistance. Therefore, the choice of dust collector should understand the following four points:
1. To know the weight or deposition ratio of dust, that is, the weight of dust per unit volume. The unit volume includes the volume of the dust particle itself, the micropores of the dust particle itself adsorbed on the surface of the dust particle, the air volume, and the space between the dust particles.
2. Know the chemical and physical properties of the dusty gas, such as moisture content, temperature, chemical composition and characteristics. The judgment of these parameters is directly related to the selection of the additional processing method of ash removal and the filtration wind speed.
3. Know the particle size of the dust. The particle size of dust is its fundamental characteristic. It is composed of particles of different sizes. It is not good to represent this combination only with symmetric granularity.
4. Know the viscosity of the dust. Viscosity is a characteristic of the attraction between dust particles or between dust and surface molecules. The viscosity effect on the bag filter is more prominent, because the dust removal power and filtration resistance depend to a certain extent on the ability to remove dust from the filter material.

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