AAK Hydraulic Cartridge Relief Valve has no worries in 18 months, while the competitor PK with AAK can only guarantee 1 year

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AAK Hydraulic Cartridge Relief Valve has no worries in 18 months, while the comp...
Posting date : Jan 06, 2023
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Devante is from a hydraulic equipment company in Spain. He has been purchasing for 8 years and cooperating with AAK for 3 years. In June last year, a batch of hydraulic cylinders of their company were complained of telescoping jitter. During after- sales service, it was judged that the hydraulic cartridge relief valve of the hydraulic system was abnormal. After disassembly, it was found that the spring elasticity in the valve body was out of function. The manufacturer of the hydraulic cartridge relief valve thought that the high working frequency of oil cylinder caused spring failure. It could be replaced for free for good cooperation, but the complaints were increasing later. The boss was not satisfied with the hydraulic cartridge relief valves purchased by Devante this time, and Devante had a great pressure.


At the beginning of last year, their engineer required the manufacturing quality of the hydraulic cartridge relief valve for the hydraulic cylinder they developed, to benchmark HydraForce. Devante believed that the function of this hydraulic cartridge relief valve is relatively conventional, so he chose a hydraulic cartridge relief valve manufacturer with competitive price. Unexpectedly, the service life would be exhausted in less than 6 months. Devante regreted choosing the wrong hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer. He redefined the quality of this hydraulic cartridge relief valve: no repair within 1 year, and the service life of the built-in spring shall not be less than 18 months. In 1 week, only 2 hydraulic relief valve manufacturers accepted to try the samples, and AAK was one of them. 1 month later, the samples of hydraulic cartridge relief valves from 2 manufacturers were installed on different hydraulic cylinders, to PK directly.


Last week, Devante emailed that the hydraulic cartridge relief valves of the cylinders had been replaced. In 1 year, there was no customer complaint about the hydraulic cylinder installed with AAK hydraulic cartridge relief valves, while the other one was just stuck in 1 year. Their engineer tested the built-in spring of AAK. After 1 year of high frequency work, its fatigue resistance was still like a new material. I replied that the difficulty of this hydraulic cartridge relief valve is just the fatigue resistance of the spring. As long as this is solved, you will have no worries about using it for 18 months.


For the spring of this hydraulic cartridge relief valve, AAK uses German UP6 spring steel, which is optimized according to 60Si2Mn alloy steel. Its strength and elasticity can be fully suitable in military equipment. The fatigue resistance of the spring is more than 3 times that of other carbon steel springs, which is the core reason why the other manufacturer’s has been out of use in 1 year, while AAK's is worry free in 18 months. Although the cost of this spring is more than 2 times higher than that of other materials, even if the cost of the material is 3 to 5 times higher, the best one should be chosen. Things that are not good enough cannot be used by AAK, let alone given to users. 


AAK hydraulic cartridge relief valve, worry free in 18 months, welcome you to try a small order!


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