AAK Hydraulic Cartridge Counterbalance Valve ensures that the crane is accident free, and Sulaiman is promoted

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AAK Hydraulic Cartridge Counterbalance Valve ensures that the crane is accident ...
Posting date : Oct 07, 2023
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Sulaiman comes from Brazil, and their hydraulic cylinder business is mainly with the local engineering machinery manufacturers. In the second half of last year, a batch of their hydraulic cylinders used on cranes almost caused an accident. The root cause was the hydraulic cartridge counterbalance valve, which was lack of function. During the construction of the crane, the hydraulic oil pipe burst suddenly, and the crane dropped rapidly to the ground. During on-site inspection, it was found that the oil cylinder operated normally, and the hydraulic system also complied with the principle. The local manufacturer of the hydraulic cartridge counterbalance valves reported that there was no problem with the manufacturing quality. After 1 week, there was no progress in the after-sales plan. The customer was not satisfied, the boss was unhappy, and asked everyone to inquire through multiple channels.


Although this batch of hydraulic counterbalance valves was not purchased by Sulaiman, he always felt that the reason for the abnormality of the equipment was the hydraulic cartridge counterbalance valve. He tried to ask different hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers, but after a week, he could not get a solution. Sulaiman intended to give up. When he was browsing Google, he accidentally found AAK Hydraulic Valves. He left a message to me: I spent 36 minutes on your website and felt that AAK was able to solve the problems of hydraulic cartridge valves. I need your help.


For customers who leave messages for the first time, there are few such emotional expressions. After several rounds of communication, I learned about their after-sales dilemma. According to pictures of the semi dissection of the hydraulic cartridge counterbalance valve from the original manufacturer, the drawings of the hydraulic cylinder, and the working parameters of the equipment, my first feeling is that the control function of the hydraulic cartridge counterbalance valve is not complete, so the hydraulic counterbalance valve needs to be redesigned, and at the same time, the protection function of the cylinder needs to be added. Sulaiman felt that AAK had come to the point. He paid $800 development cost to AAK at his own expense and asked me to design and customize 10 hydraulic counterbalance valve samples as soon as possible.


3 months after the samples of the hydraulic counterbalance valves were sent, Sulaiman told us that after the AAK hydraulic counterbalance valve was used, the crane was no longer abnormal and had a more sense of control than before. The customer was very satisfied. I told him that the hydraulic counterbalance valve designed by AAK has the function of load limit protection circuit. If the pressure rises too fast in the case of reverse locking, it will automatically open for overflow, and the operation of the hydraulic counterbalance valve is not affected by the back pressure. When the pressure at the valve port increases, it can also maintain a stable opening of the valve spool, which can achieve the balance protection control of the hydraulic cylinder. Even if the oil pipe bursts, it can protect the oil cylinder and prevent the crane from dropping rapidly.


Last week, Sulaiman privately informed that he had been promoted to the manager of Procurement Department 2, thanks to his after-sales plan this time. At the same time, he is looking forward to conducting all-round cooperation with AAK.


AAK hydraulic counterbalance valve, has bright points in control, and 0 accident. You can also have a small try!


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