Coaxiality Failed the hydraulic cartridge needle valve, and AAK replaced the Greek manufacturer

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Coaxiality Failed the hydraulic cartridge needle valve, and AAK replaced the Gre...
Posting date : Jun 03, 2023
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Lewis is from a Greek hydraulic equipment company. He has been purchasing hydraulic components for 3 years and has been successful. At the beginning of the year, their customer had a trial order for 3 wheel loaders and needed hydraulic cartridge needle valves. Lewis chose a hydraulic cartridge needle valve manufacturer in Greek. After using the equipment for 3 months, the customer reported that one of the equipment failed to rise, which should be due to the abnormal hydraulic system. After disassembly, it was found that the spool of the hydraulic cartridge needle valve was stuck in the radial direction, which affected the axial movement of the screw. The root cause was that the coaxiality of the spool and the cage of the hydraulic cartridge needle valve was inconsistent. The manufacturer of the hydraulic cartridge needle valve advised that it should be individual phenomena. But 3 weeks later, the customer reported that the other two devices also had this problem. Lewis realized that the coaxiality accuracy of the hydraulic cartridge needle valves processed by the this manufacturer was not up to standard, and he must find a hydraulic valve manufacturer with same coaxiality for each hydraulic cartridge needle valve. But a week later, no new manufacturer took over. Lewis was very worried.


From Google, Lewis noticed that AAK had published articles on coaxiality processing and left a message asking: How confident is AAK about a hydraulic cartridge needle valve with 100% consistent coaxiality? The drawing of hydraulic cartridge needle valve is also attached, which also shows that it is used on the loader equipment. According to the parameters and equipment requirements, although the coaxiality is a little difficult to meet, AAK has some experience. We suggested Lewis trying samples directly. After 40 days, 6 hydraulic cartridge needle valve samples were sent out.


Last week, Lewis sent an email. He said that the AAK hydraulic cartridge needle valves had been installed in the equipment for more than 6 months, and the equipment had not risen abnormally. Their customer was satisfied with the 3 sets of trial equipment and was ready to start purchasing in batches. Lewis reminded us that for the regular order of hydraulic cartridge needle valves, we must control the coaxiality as same as the samples. I told him that as long as the trial order sample is approved by the customer, there will be no problem with the regular order, because AAK hydraulic cartridge needle valve can achieve 100% coaxiality consistency, which depends on 3 key points:


1. The equipment is advanced: AAK uses high-precision honing machine imported from Swiss, with German cutters. The accuracy is guaranteed, and the tolerance is not worried.


2. There are experienced operators: 30 years of technicians, special personnel assigned for special machine, and every key point and difficulty of control are engraved in their minds.


3. The inspection is powerful. 3 coordinate measuring instrument, control valve spool and valve cage coaxiality detection, 100% full inspection, instead of the select sampling inspection of peers.


AAK hydraulic cartridge needle valve, has replaced the Greek hydraulic valve manufacturer. You can also have a small try. 

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