Alvis developed the hydraulic manifold block, which was fruitless in 6 months, and AAK solved it in 30 days at a time

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Alvis developed the hydraulic manifold block, which was fruitless in 6 months, a...
Posting date : Oct 07, 2023
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Alvis is from Norway and has been in contact with AAK for 1 year. There were some inquiries for hydraulic manifold blocks, but no actual order. It was not until December last year that the trust door was completely opened. It took him 6 months for a special hydraulic manifold block, but it didn't work. AAK solved the problem with the first sample. 


A set of hydraulic manifold designed by Alvis will be exhibited in America. He selected a local hydraulic manifold block manufacturer that has cooperated for 3 years to try the sample, but the hydraulic system is unstable. The manufacturer advised that this hydraulic manifold block has many feedback oil circuits and control oil circuits, and the oil circuits is composed of small deep holes. The diameter of the damping hole is less than 1mm, and it is difficult to eliminate burrs for 100%, which may lead to blockage of the oil circuit. If the original design requirements of the hydraulic manifold block are not changed, the manufacturer would not be able to produce it. If the parameters are changed, the selling point of hydraulic manifold will be lost. Alvis is very distressed. He also tried to work with several other local hydraulic manifold manufacturers to make samples, but none of them is able to cooperate with him. In this way, 4 months have been wasted.


Alvis wanted to try overseas hydraulic suppliers, and sent me an email. According to his hydraulic manifold block drawing, our technical team analyzed and discussed it, and concluded that if the original design was not improved, the burr hazard would still exist. Alvis seemed to think that AAK is unable to sample the hydraulic manifold block, so he did not have further contact with us. 1 month later, he came back to us again to discuss this hydraulic manifold block, and asked about our optimization plan. I realized that he was desperate, and told him that AAK did not need to change the parameters of the hydraulic manifold block, but only needed to increase the angle between the two planes greater than 150 °, but the best degree still needed to be explored. Alvis suddenly realized it and blamed me for not telling him earlier. I joked that he didn't give me a chance to tell him.


After changing materials for 2 times, and adjusting the processing parameters for 4 times, it was determined that 158 ° would be the best angle. After 30 days, 3 hydraulic manifold blocks were sent out. 3 weeks later, Alvis told us that the hydraulic manifold was running stably, meeting the system requirements, and we just need to wait for the good news of the exhibition. He sighed that for this exhibition, he was in trepidation for 6 months, but did not expect that the first sample of AAK was successful. In the future, AAK will be his preferred supplier for hydraulic manifold blocks. This is also what I said before. Whether customers buy your products or not is not because of your poor price or long distance. The root cause is that the trust is not in place.


AAK hydraulic manifold blocks, in regards to deburring method, the following 3 points are critical:


1. Select materials with small elongation and deformation hardening index to effectively suppress burr.

2. Optimize the valve body structure, the included angle between two planes shall be greater than 150 °, and the best degree shall be tested continuously.

3. Use high-pressure solution jet to remove burrs, use solution to weaken the magnetism of burrs, and then use the instantaneous impact force of liquid to ensure that the hydraulic manifold block is 100% burr free.


AAK hydraulic manifold blocks, no burr, no pollution, no leakage, welcome to try! 

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