Application and characteristics of electric ship

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Application and characteristics of electric ship
Posting date : Nov 21, 2022
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In the proportion of the earth's sea and land, 71% of the sea accounts for the majority, and 29% of the land accounts for the majority. The ships and ships used are not strange to people's means of travel, and are well known by people in the six characteristics of ships:

Among them, first, large-scale. Many container ships travel back and forth every day. For example, the average tonnage of container ships has grown from hundreds of containers in the past to nearly 10000 containers at present.

Second, high-speed. In the last 15 years, the speed of ships with a gross tonnage of more than 10000 tons has increased by about 1kn on average. High speed passenger ships, freighters, car passenger ferries and container ships have been developed and updated, such as 50kn ro ro high-speed five hull ships, 38kn 1400 container ships, 40kn 1000 ton high-speed wave piercing freighters, etc.

Third, the technical performance has been continuously upgraded. First of all, the economy has improved significantly, mainly reflected in the simultaneous reduction of fuel consumption and the number of crew; Secondly, the safety and environmental protection have been greatly improved to avoid repeated average disasters and reduce the pollution of ships to sea water and atmosphere.

Fourth, the design method is constantly improving. The direct design calculation method, the prediction and optimization technology of ship hydrodynamic performance, and the design technology of new high-efficiency low excitation propeller are widely used. Information networking will be a major technical measure for ship design in the 21st century.

Fifth, continuous innovation and development of manufacturing technology. The modern shipbuilding mode featuring automation of main shipbuilding processes and electric integration replaces the traditional shipbuilding mode, while the shipbuilding technology and equipment are also constantly developing, such as the general application of robots and laser technology.

Sixth, deep-water marine engineering equipment. At present, the working water depth of deep-sea detectors developed in developed countries has exceeded 10000 meters, which can reach any seabed in the world. The working water depth of foreign deep-water oil exploration equipment has already exceeded 3000 meters.

The specific performance of the ship itself; When various ships are engaged in transportation production or performing specific tasks, they often sail in rough seas or rivers with rapids and dangerous shoals. The reason why they can successfully complete the scheduled tasks is that the ships themselves have some specific performance, which is called ship navigation performance or navigation performance.

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