3 Advantages of AAK Hydraulic Manifold, to Ensure 20% Lower Energy Consumption of Equipment

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3 Advantages of AAK Hydraulic Manifold, to Ensure 20% Lower Energy Consumption o...
Posting date : Nov 21, 2022
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Timothy is from a Greek hydraulic equipment company, and has been in the company for 5 years. At the beginning of this year, they launched a new hydraulic injection molding machine, focusing on energy-saving and consumption reduction. The hydraulic manifold for the machine is designed internally by them, and they chose a hydraulic manifold manufacturer who has cooperated for 3 years to try samples. Although the equipment debugging is smooth, the energy consumption has not been significantly improved. Timothy guessed that the hydraulic manifold was not efficient, but he had no idea about optimization. The hydraulic manifold manufacturer has solution neither. Timothy also tried to contact more than 10 hydraulic manifold manufacturers. They either have no reply or have to find out the reason during sampling. With promoting date approaching, the whole team was very anxious.


At Google, Timothy browsed AAK's webpage, noticed a series of articles on hydraulic manifolds, and left a message with 3 questions: 

1. Does AAK have the original design capability of hydraulic manifolds?

2. What customers does AAK hydraulic manifolds supply to?

3. How long does it take for AAK to customize a set of hydraulic manifold?


I felt that this is a customer with a real order, and advised that some of AAK hydraulic manifolds are customized according to the customer's drawings, some are designed according to the customer's equipment working conditions, and also helped new customers solve some difficult and complicated cases of hydraulic manifolds. Honeywell is AAK's hydraulic manifold customer for 6 consecutive years.


On the second day, Timothy sent us the original design drawings of hydraulic manifold, equipment working conditions, testing videos, and the original manufacturer's hydraulic manifold pictures. I knew that this was a matter of trust. As long as the problem could be solved, the order would be awarded to AAK. Our technical team has discussed internally for 1 day, and we have the idea to optimize the oil circuit layout of the original hydraulic manifold, so that the energy consumption can be reduced by 20%. After learning about it, Timothy directly paid the development fee. After 45 days, AAK sent the hydraulic manifold samples. 2 months later, Timothy sent an email saying that the AAK newly designed hydraulic manifold had really reduced the energy consumption of their hydraulic injection molding machines by more than 20%, and the promotion was smooth. It was just taking time to place annual order.


The 3 key points of this hydraulic manifold design are:


1. The oil circuit should be reasonable: we have MDTools professional software, and engineers with 17 years of industry experience to operate the oil circuit.


2. Details are the key: elbows are designed through energy efficiency correlation and smooth transition methods to minimize pressure drop, while most hydraulic manifold manufacturers use conventional elbows.


3. Process is the core: for hydraulic manifold design, we have a complete set of processes. From hole checking, wire network connection, hole network to component selection, oil circuit volume and assembly relationship are all linked. The hydraulic manifold has compact structure, small space occupation and small pressure loss.


AAK hydraulic manifold, 3 advantages of design, energy consumption reduced by 20%, you can also try a small order!


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