AAK defeated Spanish Manufacturers, through PK of Coaxiality of Hydraulic Needle Valve

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AAK defeated Spanish Manufacturers, through PK of Coaxiality of Hydraulic Needle...
Posting date : Nov 20, 2022
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Diego, from Spain, has been engaged in the procurement of hydraulic valves for 5 - 6 years, and has been successful. But the hydraulic cartridge needle valves purchased from a local manufacturer stumped him. At the beginning of last year, their company urgently purchased a batch of hydraulic needle valves to be installed on a batch of hydraulic equipment that customers urgently need. Diego purchased the hydraulic needle valves from a local manufacturer. 3 months after the equipment was sold, the customer complained that the equipment was unstable. After testing the hydraulic system, it was found that when the hydraulic needle valve spool was in the fully closed position, it was stuck radially, because the coaxiality deviation between the valve spool and the valve body was 2μm, 3μm, or 4μm. That is, the standard deviation is not up to standard. The original manufacturer of the hydraulic needle valves advised that this is an individual and can be replaced, but there are more and more complaints later. Diego knows that the coaxiality deviation must be completely solved.


After discussion with engineers, Diego defined the coaxiality accuracy of hydraulic needle valve spool and valve body within 2μm. Based on this quantification, Diego contacted more than 10 hydraulic needle valve manufacturers, but none of them offered quote for a week. The customer is pushing the after-sales service process. Now there is no solution. Diego is under great pressure.


Diego found AAK on Google, noticed that AAK had solved the coaxiality problem for customers, and left a message to us: Can you control the coaxiality error of the hydraulic needle valve within 2μm? At the sight of such messages, it was assumed that he had encountered difficulties in purchasing hydraulic needle valves. After communication, it was learned that even he purchased from Spain hydraulic valve manufacturer, coaxiality deviation could not be completely avoided.


When he learned that HydraForce has been a loyal customer of AAK for 9 consecutive years, AAK hydraulic valves have also served 3 Fortune 500 enterprises, and there are customer cases that coaxiality problem has solved, he asked about the development time and cost, which means he wanted to try the order. I always think that in the field of industrial products, customers do not buy your products, not because of distance or high prices, but because they do not trust you. 50 days later, AAK sent 30 hydraulic needle valve samples. 4 weeks later, Diego informed that AAK hydraulic throttle valves had been installed on the equipment and the overall operation was normal. I replied that within 18 months, there was no after-sales concern.


Last week, Diego said in an email that the AAK hydraulic needle valves have been installed in the equipment for more than a year, and there is no customer feedback on what function is affected by the coaxiality. The coaxiality error of AAK hydraulic throttle valve is controlled within 2μm, and lead the industry with 3 aspects:


1. The valve spool and valve hole of the hydraulic needle valve are finely machined. The Swiss high-precision honing machine is used, and equipped with a diamond oilstone.


2. 30 years of technicians, specially assigned for special machine, picky on precision.


3. Coaxiality measuring instrument, cylindricity measuring instrument, profiler, are used to detect the coaxiality comprehensively.


AAK hydraulic needle valve, coaxiality error within 2μm, you can also try a small order!


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