2 key technologies in Chinese market, AAK hydraulic manifolds lead domestic peers

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2 key technologies in Chinese market, AAK hydraulic manifolds lead domestic peer...
Posting date : Nov 19, 2022
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During the 20th National Congress, leader of Hunan Province introduced the advantages of Hunan in the construction machinery industry:


1. In the time for a cup of tea, more than ten thousand parts of a locomotive were gathered in a 5 km radius.

2. One excavator can be off the line in 5 minutes.

3. Among the top 5 global construction machinery industries, Hunan accounts for 2. 


From the above 3 points, we can see that there are 2 key technologies in the Chinese market: a complete industry and technology chain and the world's largest market. This is the speed of China and the advantage of China's machinery industry. I think any organization in the machinery industry can hardly be separated from China. This is also the reason why big brands, such as SUN Hydraulics and HydraForce have set up factories in China.


9 years ago, AAK Hydraulic Valve realized that the manufacturing of hydraulic cartridge valves alone was difficult to reflect the advantages of AAK compared with its peers, thus it extended from hydraulic cartridge valves to hydraulic units, which are hydraulic manifolds. Up to now, AAK has been the hydraulic manifold supplier of Honeywell for 6 consecutive years.


What are the advantages of purchasing hydraulic manifolds from AAK? In the words of Honeywell's purchasing director, it saves time, costs and links.


1. Shorten the whole procurement process: plugs, connectors and hydraulic valve blocks can be produced in AAK. Purchasing and tracking from multiple factories have become a one-stop process from AAK.

2. The installation process is simplified: AAK hydraulic units or manifolds can be directly installed into the equipment, and customers do not need to test the manifolds separately. 

3. Undertake design services: from the hydraulic principle, oil circuit design, hydraulic valve selection, AAK 100% personalized customization. 


It is hard to engage in manufacturing industry, especially the hydraulic unit, the hydraulic manifold with technology, which is slower, more stupid and more solid than others. It is the smart people who make toil efforts. There is no shortcut to this road. There is no safe haven. Without “1, the manufacturing quality takes the lead in the front, any more 0 after will eventually return to zero. Just like life, whether you can stand on the waves, and whether you can hold on the bottom of the waves. 


From Hunan above to talk about Ningbo. Ningbo is the hometown of hydraulic valves in China, just hydraulic screw-in cartridge valves, there are more than 200 factories. An old American customer asked me a question: What is the current situation of Chinese hydraulic valve manufacturers? In fact, it is also the situation of Ningbo hydraulic valve manufacturers. My answer is as follows: There are 230 registered hydraulic valve manufacturers in Ningbo, 40 of them, whose manufacturing quality can be recognized, less than 10 are benchmarking SUN hydraulics and HydraForce, and less than 3 are capable of developing hydraulic manifolds independently.


AAK hydraulic manifolds lead the industry in 3 aspects:

1Hard power of manufacturing quality

2Skillful strength of part innovation

3Soft power of network trust


In terms of personalized customization of hydraulic manifolds, it is not difficult to combine, vary and graft some hydraulic unit structures to create something new. It is better to use your limited life to do something that can leave a mark on this beautiful planet than to make some so-called patents that can not create any value. At that time, when old at the end of my life, I will think that I have lived for so many years, and made so many hydraulic manifolds to run on the earth, that is enough without regret.


AAK hydraulic manifolds, 3 benefits, 3 strengths, you can also try a small order.


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