The hydraulic manifold valve holes that many manufacturers can't achieve, AAK produced in volume 3 years ago

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The hydraulic manifold valve holes that many manufacturers can't achieve, AAK pr...
Posting date : Jun 03, 2023
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Bekov is from a Russian hydraulic equipment company. Most of the hydraulic manifolds in the past 3 years were purchased from Ningbo and went smoothly. A batch of hydraulic manifolds purchased last time stumped him due to the precision of valve block holes. At the beginning of the year, their customer customized a hydraulic power unit. From the perspective of hydraulic manifold alone, it was not difficult, but the requirements for the accuracy of the valve block bore diameter were high. He chose a hydraulic manifold manufacturer in Ningbo who had cooperated for 3 years to place the order. He thought that the PO was confirmed by the supplier and his work was completed, but from the start of the sample, trouble came. 


After 50 days, the hydraulic manifold manufacturer advised that he could not achieve the accuracy of the valve block aperture. After the processing of 10 valve blocks, only 2 of them were qualified, and 80% of them were scrapped, so he had to give up. The supplier seems to be relieved, but it is less than 3 months from the customer's delivery date, and the hydraulic manifold supplier has not been determined yet. A week later, Bekov contacted more than 10 hydraulic manifold manufacturers, but none of them were confident to accept the order. Bekov was extremely anxious.


Last month, I received an email from my old Russian customer Sumarokov: Aperture φ 10.3mm, hole depth 90.5mm, coaxiality requirement: φ 0.025mm, cylindricity requirement is φ 0.02mm, surface roughness Ra value is 0.8 μm, these precision requirements should not be difficult for AAK, right? I was a little confused. After communication, I learned that Bekov, a friend of Sumarokov, faced the problem of aperture accuracy when purchasing hydraulic manifolds. I replied to Sumarokov, with your trust, I will solve the problem as quickly as possible to ensure that Bekov is at ease. 


According to the series of drawings of hydraulic manifold from Bekov, besides the aperture accuracy, all the others are conventional parts. However, AAK encountered this aperture precision in processing valve blocks 3 years ago, so now it is fine for AAK. After 45 days, the hydraulic manifold sample is sent out. 


The day before yesterday, Bekov sent an email. The accuracy of every hole diameter processed by AAK was approved by their engineer. AAK hydraulic manifold was installed on their hydraulic power unit, and the equipment was running normally, just waiting for the purchase quantity of their customer. AAK hydraulic manifold valve hole precision is ahead of its peers, which originates from 3 points:


1. Material selection control: before processing, ensure that the material is free of casting defects and the blank allowance is uniform. Optimize the processing and cutting parameters according to the accuracy.


2. Equipment selection: Mikron machining center imported from Switzerland can ensure that the coaxiality of fixture and equipment rotation and cutter bar is controlled within 0.01mm, and the coaxiality of precision valve hole is controlled within φ 0.025mm.


3. Process optimization: from drilling, reaming, rough reaming, fine reaming, reaming and extruding without edge, 5 links. The increase in outer diameter of each link shall be controlled at 0.02 mm, and kerosene cooling shall be adopted. It replaces the traditional process of "drilling, reaming, countersinking, reaming and grinding", and avoids the expansion of orifice and instability of aperture.


AAK hydraulic manifold, not only precision, you can also try a small order! 

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