Full-height optical turnstile provides effective crowd control solution with high security

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Full-height optical turnstile provides effective crowd control solution with hig...
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Full-height optical turnstile, electric full height turnstile gate, full height rotor turnstile provides effective crowd control solution with high security

Full height optical turnstile JDFHT-9 is a full-height security solution to mitigate tailgating and handle moderate throughput by controlling access to various facilities and enclosures, any illegal intrusion or tailgating attempts will activate a alarm, which supports anti-collision function by which access control turnstile will be locked automatically when the opening signal is not received. Optical full height turnstile JDFHT-9 is easy to use and maintenance, and automatically detect whether the gate is in the initial position.

Full height optical turnstile JDFHT-9 is available in both one-way and two-way access control, and supports automatic reset function. After opening the gate, the automatic full height turnstile will automatically cancel the access rights of pedestrians when they do not pass within the specified time. In addition, the passage will be released for free passing in case of power failure or emergency.

Full Height Optical Turnstile Features
1. Available in both one-way and two-way access control
2. Easily integrates with almost any access control system
3. Free access under power failure
4. Easy, safe and fast to use
5. Easy installation and field-configurable
6. Easily change turnstile passage mode
7. Durable construction suitable for outdoor use in all weather conditions
8. Automatic self-centering prevents over or under travel of rotating section
9. Full height for maximum security
10. Free egress in emergencies or loss of power

Full Height Optical Turnstile Applications
Industrial plants
Company premises
Power plants
Parking sites
Bike parks
Military installations

Full Height Optical Turnstile Parameters

 Housing Material  1.5mm~2.0mm #304 stainless sheet
 Dimension  2400 x 1350 x 2880mm
 Power Supply  AC220V / AC110V, 50/ 60 Hz
 Channel Width  600mm
 IP Rate  IP45
 Pass Speed  30 ~35 persons per minute
 Input Interface  Dry contact signal or +12V level signal or DC12V pulse signal
 Rotating Direction  Bi-directional
 Communication interface  RS485
 Gate open when power failure  Yes
 Open Time  0.2 second
 Life Cycle  5 million times
 Working Temperature  -30°C~+70°C, Relative Humidity: ≤90%, no condensation
 Working Environments  Indoor, outdoor (with shelter)


Full Height Optical Turnstile Design

Full Height Optical Turnstile Design - Electronic Turnstile Gates - car turnstile

Full Height Optical Turnstile Dimensions

Full Height Optical Turnstile Dimensions - Pedestrian Entrance Turnstile - glass turnstiles

Full Height Optical Turnstile System Diagram

Full Height Optical Turnstile System Diagram - security full height turnstile - turnstile company

Project Cases for Full Height Optical Turnstile

Full Height Optical Turnstile - access control Turnstile Manufacturer

What is a full height optical turnstile?
Full height optical turnstile is an upgrated waist-high turnstile with floor-to-ceiling arm design. With standard height 2300cm, the full height turnstile eliminates the possibility of someone jumping over the turnstile, also effectively eliminates the possibility of someone crawling under the turnstile, making it an efficient crowd control solution to manage pedestrians entering or exiting restricted areas where perimeter control is required. Optical full height turnstile is designed with strict tailgating function which allows access to one person at a time by locking after a single person entry. Such automatic turnstile can be used for bidirectional pedestrian access control applications.

How does a full height optical turnstile work?
1) After start system power supply, device system self –test, the system enter standby mode
2) User provides enter / out valid open signal (access control system have open signal by card, device system open signal by button) to the device control board.
3) After device controller receive the enter / out open signal, it will send a control signal to electromagnet, device unlock for into / out and person can push bar and access
4) After person access, device controller send control signal to electromagnet and device close door, system enter standby mode.
5) If the pedestrian does not provide valid open signal and access, the system will lockbar and prohibit pedestrian access.

The types of full height optical turnstiles
The full height optical turnstiles can be devided into 3 types
Fully-automatic full heigh optical turnstile: This movement of such turnstille combines DC brushless motor with special-shaped sheave mechanism. When passing, the motor drive the brake lever to rotates forward by a certain angle, and people lightly touch the lever to pass.
Semi-automatic full heigh optical turnstile: the device core is not motor-driven, with control circuit boards and other electrical accessories. After receiving a valid open signal, the full height security turnstile allows pedestrian to access by pushing the bar manually.
Mechanical full height turnstile: it is purely mechanical device without any electrical equipment. The users pass through the passage by gently pushing the brake lever without open signal from access control system. The automatic positioning and reset system can control the free passage in one direction, and the other direction is locked.

What are the advantages of full height optical turnstile?
1. provides the highest security level and unmanned operation way
2. offers the strict crowd control management with high level safety and reliability
3. With good waterproof and dustproof performance, well suitable for outdoor and indoor applications
4. With strong compatibility, full height turnstile gate is compatible with various vertification device, security systems, etc.
5. Easy to use without guiding

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