How to build a small organic fertilizer npk production line

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How to build a small organic fertilizer npk production line
Posting date : Sep 26, 2022
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 The most important thing in the construction of organic fertilizer equipment is to adjust measures to local conditions. A good organic fertilizer npk production line is not only a guarantee of output but also a guarantee of quality. Although organic fertilizer equipment is only a combined process, the convenience it brings to people is unimaginable.

The organic fertilizer equipment npk fertilizer production line is composed of drying system, deodorization and dust removal system, special pulverizer for organic fertilizer, batching system, mixing system, special granulator for organic fertilizer and finished product packaging machine. Although the process structure is similar, the configured organic fertilizer equipment is not fixed.
1: Broken part. Rotor wear parts of chain shredders are designed to protect the rotor body from wear. The chain pulverizer is mainly composed of shell, rotor, hammer head, lining plate, sieve plate and so on. No component has its own function and different obligations.
2: Dry part. How to re-dry in the npk fertilizer manufacturing process. Otherwise, fermentation can only adjust the humidity left and right. To actually make organic particles, water has to be underneath, so the drying process is also necessary.
3: Particulate part. The organic fertilizer granulator is the key link of the entire organic fertilizer production line. In general, it is recommended to use a combination of pelletizer ball shapers for the granulation function rather than conventional pelletizer ball shapers. The advantage of this is that the particle formation rate is high and the density is good.
4: Cool, pack. Cooling and packaging work can be ignored by low-volume production users. Users who produce in small quantities can dry it themselves and pack the bags by hand. The automatic packaging machine only needs a large number of organic fertilizer production lines. The fertilizer produced by organic fertilizer equipment is an ideal fertilizer for saving investment in agricultural production, improving soil fertility, increasing yield, and optimizing crop quality to promote green food and green agriculture.

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