AAK hydraulic valve blocks used in deep sea, although the price is 20% more expensive, the service life is 2 times that of the peers

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AAK hydraulic valve blocks used in deep sea, although the price is 20% more expe...
Posting date : Sep 26, 2022
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Bartolomeo is from Italy, and their company has developed a hydraulic drill used in the deep sea. Bartolomeo has purchased several customized hydraulic valves from AAK, but has not purchased any hydraulic manifold blocks yet. Their hydraulic drilling rig has the requirements of corrosion resistance and pressure resistance of 450 MPa for the hydraulic manifold blocks. Bartolomeo is an experienced purchaser. He contacted more than 10 hydraulic manifold block manufacturers and asked if they were able to make samples. Only 1 of them was willing to try. Bartolomeo felt that if only 1 manufacturer, there will be no comparison and alternative choice, so he contacted me to ask if AAK is willing to test the hydraulic manifold blocks with another manufacturer together. I rarely refuse such direct PK. After 35 days, we both got the hydraulic manifold blocks pass the testing. However, the quotation of AAK hydraulic manifold blocks was 20% higher than that of the other manufacturer, and this PO was lost. But I'm not surprised. I feel that this PO will come back. 


9 months later, Bartolomeo suddenly asked me by e-mail whether the hydraulic manifold blocks we made samples last time could ensure a service life of more than 1 year. I asked him, is the service life of the hydraulic manifold blocks of that cheaper manufacturer less than 1 year? He told the truth that the customer complained that the surface of the hydraulic manifold block was seriously corroded, especially there was leakage at the oil pipe interface, and the pressure supply of the equipment was unstable. That manufacturer has surrendered and can only guarantee the service life of 8-9 months.


I told him that the hydraulic components made by AAK last time, can ensure a service life of more than 1 year, no matter it is used in the desert or deep sea, whether at high temperature or low temperature, Although the price is 20% more expensive, the service life of the hydraulic manifold blocks is twice that of the peers. Bartolomeo sent an order for 100 hydraulic manifold blocks the next day.


The reason why the service life of this hydraulic manifold block is 2 times that of its peers is due to 3 points: 


1. This hydraulic manifold block is made of CEJN stainless steel imported from Sweden. Its corrosion resistance is 3-5 times that of most steels, and its hardness can withstand 600MPa. Even the thin wall of the through hole is not deformed under high pressure. 


2. In terms of processing, the composite tool is selected to process the bottom hole of thread, 45 °, 15 °, R0.1 chamfer and external counterbore at the same time. In the process of one-time processing, it can complete the combination of different processes such as drilling, reaming, reaming, spot facing and boring, with high efficiency and small error.


3. In terms of detection, the high-pressure manifold block test bench independently developed by AAK can simultaneously detect the compressive performance of different parts of the hydraulic manifold blocks.


AAK high pressure hydraulic manifold blocks, super corrosion resistant, you can also have a small try!


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