AAK hydraulic directional control valves without stuck helped customer keep their annual order of electric vehicles

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AAK hydraulic directional control valves without stuck helped customer keep thei...
Posting date : Sep 05, 2023
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Giuseppe is from a hydraulic equipment company in Italy. As an old purchaser, he has been enjoying good luck. In the second half of last year, their company obtained the annual order of hydraulic power units used for the tail plate of electric vehicles, but the customer requested that the price should be reduced, and the hydraulic directional control valves used in the power unit should be reduced by 10%. The manufacturer of the hydraulic directional control valves who made the samples for them also agreed to reduce the price, but hidden trouble was brought to the quality at this time.


In the random test of the electric vehicle, the tail plate did not rise flexibly. After disassembly, it was found that the hydraulic directional control valve was stuck. The manufacturer of the hydraulic directional control valves advised that it is an individual phenomenon, but the customer does not think so. After increasing the detection ratio, some tailboards still can not be opened. The customer asked for immediate solution, otherwise the annual order would be cancelled. The boss was very angry and requested Giuseppe to solve it. Giuseppe contacted more than 20 manufacturers of hydraulic directional control valves. They either disliked the low price or could not guarantee that there was no jamming. Giuseppe at this time is under great pressure.


Giuseppe contacted me. Due to price, our cooperation is sporadic. According to the hydraulic directional control valve drawings provided by Giuseppe, AAK found that the original design caused processing difficulties and processing costs. I replied to Giuseppe that if the original design can be modified, AAK can accept the price and guarantee 100% no jamming. After 45 days, 100 hydraulic directional control valves were sent. A week later, Giuseppe sent the shipment schedule for the annual order.


8 months have passed. Last week Giuseppe informed that the customer wanted to ship the last batch of hydraulic directional control valves in advance. After using AAK hydraulic directional control valves, the customer no longer complained about the inflexible lifting of the tail plate.


The hydraulic directional control valve is 100% free of jamming, due to 3 points:


1. The hydraulic directional control valve newly designed by AAK belongs to the spool valve type. The original vertical poppet type design is replaced by the "tumbling head" type design. The original function is not changed, and can be used to compensate for the imbalance of the valve spool in the chamber. At the same time, it can effectively compensate the original high torque in the assembly process, so that the valve spool can be controlled freely. Double protection hydraulic directional control valve, without jamming. 


2. AAK adopts Swiss high-precision honing machine to finish the valve spool and cage, and the accuracy is guaranteed to be within 1μm. Unstable accuracy is the root cause of the stuck hydraulic directional control valves of the original hydraulic valve manufacturer.


3. AAK Hydraulic Valve has developed no less than 500 non-standard customized hydraulic valves for 7 world top 500 enterprises. If without unique skills, it is difficult to handle.


Giuseppe privately told us that the boss attached more and more importance to him and wanted him to lead the whole procurement team because he successfully saved the annual order.


AAK hydraulic directional control valves, flexible and free of jamming, you can also try it!


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