More than 20 manufacturers can not produce the hydraulic relief valves with wall thickness less than 2mm, while AAK mass produced it 2 years ago

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More than 20 manufacturers can not produce the hydraulic relief valves with wall...
Posting date : Sep 23, 2022
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Smith is from Mexico and has been smooth on purchasing hydraulic valves, but encountered a nail when purchasing a hydraulic relief valve with a wall thickness of less than 2mm. His boss received an order for a special hydraulic relief valve, requiring Smith's team to complete the sample within 45 days. The wall thickness of the valve cage of the hydraulic relief valve is less than 2mm, and the fitting clearance of the valve cage is 0.016mm-0.02mm. Thin wall and high precision. 4 hydraulic relief valve manufacturers, 3 rounds of proofing, 30 days passed, none of them succeeded, and the manufacturers all surrendered. The boss is not satisfied, and the team also complains that Smith does not know how to decline the boss, and Smith is helpless.


Smith had to find a new hydraulic relief valve supplier himself. He consulted more than 20 hydraulic relief valve manufacturers online and offline, but only one was willing to try, and the others did not even have the courage to try. Smith found AAK on Google and left a message asking: can AAK make samples for a hydraulic relief valve with wall thickness less than 2mm? I replied directly that AAK shipped similar hydraulic relief valves 2 years ago. Smith may have seen hope, and directly told us that he wants AAK and another manufacturer of hydraulic relief valves to sample at the same time. My reply: AAK likes this kind of direct PK. If AAK hydraulic relief valve fails to meet the standard, the test order fee will be returned. 


3 weeks later, AAK sent the hydraulic relief valves. 1 week later, Smith advised that the samples of AAK hydraulic relief valve has a wall thickness of the valve cage less than 2mm, the cylindricity was not more than 0.01mm, the roughness Ra was 0.2, and the pass rate was 100%. While the pass rate of another hydraulic valve manufacturer was 80%, Smith was surprised that the pass rate of AAK samples was 100%, and worried about the pass rate of mass production. I told him that the standard of the mass production would be same as the samples. The processing of this valve cage may be a hindrance for other hydraulic valve manufacturers, but AAK mass produced it 2 years ago. 


1. Basic link: before processing, grinding the outer circle as Φ14.3, the heat treatment shall be complete and prevent deformation. After processing, ensure the inner hole Φ9.9, the cylindricity shall not be greater than 0.01mm. The outer circle shall be machined to ensure Φ14.1, and coaxiality with the Φ 9.9 inner hole is not greater than Φ 0.02.


2. Key link: process 4 ring grooves and 6 holes on the cage wall to ensure the size of 6 ± 0.01, and improve the requirements of symmetrical position of holes and grooves with respect to the center line, with the symmetry not greater than 0.025mm. Semi Fine honing the Φ 9.9 hole to ensure the inner hole Φ 9.97, and the cylindricity is not more than 0.005mm.


3.  Tips link: self made mandrel with precise reference Φ 9.97 positioning and fine grinding of outer circle Φ 14, and coaxiality with Φ 9.97 hole not greater than Φ 0.025. Finish honing the inner hole to eliminate the clamping trace: smooth the hole with J95 oil stone Φ 10. The speed is 800-1000r / min to ensure the inner hole Φ 10 and surface roughness Ra 0.2.


AAK hydraulic relief valves, focus on details, no deformation, high precision, welcome to try! 

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