New energy vehicle charging pile cable selection skills

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New energy vehicle charging pile cable selection skills
Posting date : Sep 22, 2022
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New energy green travel has become a new way of life. Electric vehicles can be seen everywhere. Of course, the charging piles that power it can also be seen everywhere, commonly found in charging stations, parking lots, hotels, communities, garages, etc. In the region, standard electric vehicle charging pile cables have become the heart of electric vehicles.

The charging pile cable is selected according to the voltage and current under the rated power of the charging pile, and a certain safety space must be reserved.

Generally, the AC pile uses a three-core cable that meets the national standard, and the DC pile uses a five-core cable. The specific charging pile manufacturer will have requirements, and the cable should be selected according to the cross-sectional area and carrying current.

1. There are single-phase and three-phase charging piles. No matter whether it is two-phase or single-phase, the first thing to do is to calculate the current of the AC incoming line, and all charging piles should have a zero wire and a ground wire.

(1) For single-phase charging pile (AC charging pile) |=P/U

(2) After calculating the current for the three-phase charging pile (DC charging pile) |=P/(U*1.732), select the cable according to the current.

2. Cable selection procedures are as follows:

(1) The single-phase charging pile is generally 7KW (AC charging pile) I=P/U=7000/220=32A should use a 4 square millimeter copper core cable.

(2) Three-phase charging pile (DC pile)

15KW current 23A cable 4 square mm

30KW current 46A cable 10 square mm

60KW current 92A cable 25mm²

90KW current 120A cable 35 square mm

OMG is a Chinese EV cable manufacturer and a solution provider of conductive charging solutions for electric vehicles. To learn more about how to select the corresponding EV charging cables under different charging modes, please visit the OMG official website:

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