Do you know the structure and function of the shielding layer of high-voltage cables?

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Do you know the structure and function of the shielding layer of high-voltage ca...
Posting date : Sep 22, 2022
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EV high-voltage cables are generally used in the interior of the car.The environment inside the car is complex, and when there is current passing through the conductor, an electromagnetic field will be generated.If this electromagnetic field is not weakened to a certain extent, it will harm the human body.Adding a shielding layer inside the cable can prevent external electromagnetic interference and internal electromagnetic field interference, so that the integrity of signal transmission can be guaranteed to a certain extent.

For resistance to electromagnetic interference, braided shielding is the most effective choice, that is, metal mesh shielding, because of its low critical resistance.For radio frequency interference, metal foil shielding is the most effective, because the gaps created by the metal mesh shield allow high-frequency signals to enter and exit freely.For the mixed interference field of high and low frequency, the combined shielding method of metal foil layer and metal mesh should be adopted, so that the metal mesh shielding is suitable for the interference in the low frequency range, and the metal foil shielding is suitable for the interference in the high frequency range.

The shielding layer of the shielded cable is mainly made of non-magnetic materials such as copper and aluminum, and the thickness is very thin.Due to the grounding, the shielding effect is also different in different forms of grounding.The grounding methods of the electric field and magnetic field shielding layers are also different.Ungrounded, single-ended or double-ended grounding can be used.

The function of the shielded wire is to isolate the electromagnetic field noise source from the sensitive equipment and cut off the propagation path of the noise source.Shielding is divided into active shielding and passive shielding.The purpose of active shielding is to prevent the noise source from radiating outward, and it is the shielding of the noise source;the purpose of passive shielding is to prevent the sensitive equipment from being interfered by the noise source, which is the shielding of the sensitive equipment.

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