Process flow of pig manure organic fertilizer production

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Process flow of pig manure organic fertilizer production
Posting date : Sep 22, 2022
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Small pig farms use active (forced) ventilation for composting. The biggest feature of this composting method is that the ventilation pipes with holes are placed in the lower part of the pile body, and then the air is actively transported into the pile body by the fan. This method also does not require flipping, but the oxygen concentration in the pile is better than that of static composting, so the composting speed is relatively faster.
1. Send the qualified organic raw materials into the speed regulating silo with the loader;
2. Transfer to the vertical pulverizer and pulverize to 10-60H;
3. Transfer to the rotary vibrating screening machine to separate raw materials and impurities; also can add mixing equipment.
4. Conveying organic fertilizer granulator machine for granulation, packaging, sewing and storage.
Pig manure organic fertilizer equipment: dehydrator, fermentation turner, semi-wet material grinder, horizontal mixer, npk fertilizer granulator, dryer, cooler, trommel screen, coating machine, packaging equipment, belt conveyor Wait. The organic fertilizer granulator adopts high-speed rotation, and the material is turned over at a high speed with the barrel, so that the powder adheres under the high-speed movement, and continuously realizes the processes of mixing, granulation, spheroidization, and densification in the interior, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation. 
Pig manure organic fertilizer equipment is a new type of organic fertilizer that integrates organic fertilizer, chemical fertilizer, amino acid fertilizer and functional microorganisms. Its function is to meet the nutrient needs of crops in the current season, significantly inhibit soil acidification, effectively control soil microbial flora, and improve soil fertility. In terms of equipment, if you are new to this industry, it is recommended to start with a small scale, that is, a small powdered organic fertilizer plant. The required equipment includes a fermentation turner, a feeding bin, a semi-wet material pulverizer, and a disc granulator machine, trommel screening machine, automatic packaging machine, etc. The price of the whole set of equipment is about 150,000.

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