0.2cc/min AAK Hydraulic Needle Valve, with Internal Leakage Accuracy 20% Higher than that of HydraForce

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0.2cc/min AAK Hydraulic Needle Valve, with Internal Leakage Accuracy 20% Higher ...
Posting date : Feb 19, 2024
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Sal is from Italy. He has been buying hydraulic cartridge valves in China for quite a long time and is very knowledgeable. At the beginning of this year, they developed a new hydraulic press for sheet stretching, which uses hydraulic needle valves. Considering the exhibition time, Sal directly purchased 50 standard hydraulic needle valves of HydraForce, and the trial run was successful, and the reservation volume at the exhibition was also good. The boss asked Sal to try to purchase hydraulic needle valves in China instead of HydraForce. He contacted several hydraulic needle valve suppliers, but they were not 100% confident about the internal leakage of 0.3cc/min. Sal selected 2 hydraulic needle valve manufacturers with the most trust and quality.


4 weeks later, the hydraulic needle valves were installed with the equipment. After a period of operation, the working pressure of the hydraulic press could not be increased, resulting in the plate could not be stretched. The engineer found that the hydraulic needle valve was abnormal, and there were leakage traces at the fitting gap between the valve spool and the valve body. After testing the hydraulic needle valve separately, the internal leakage was 0.5cc/min, while the hydraulic needle valve at 0.3cc/min did not have any leakage traces, that is, the hydraulic needle valves from those 2 hydraulic valve manufacturers have unstable internal leakage accuracy. Sal suggested still purchasing HydraForce standard parts, but the boss was not satisfied and asked Sal to try again. At this time, Sal was a little worried.


Sal saw on Google that the manufacturing quality of AAK Hydraulic Valves is comparable to that of HydraForce. He directly sent an email to ask if AAK has existing programming for HydraForce hydraulic needle valve. We learned that they were stuck in the internal leakage. I told him that we had existing samples of this hydraulic needle valve, and its internal leakage had exceeded HydraForce standard 0.3cc/min. Sal doesn't seem to believe it and asked us to send 5 samples.


Last week, Sal sent the PO for the first batch of hydraulic needle valves and told that the internal leakage of AAK samples was at 0.2cc/min, the internal leakage accuracy was 20% higher than that of HydraForce, but the price of AAK was cheaper than that of HydraForce. The boss was surprised that he found such a strong manufacturer AAK Hydraulic Valve.


AAK hydraulic needle valve's ultra-small internal leakage comes from its high accuracy. We use 3 points to benchmark HydraForce in terms of manufacturing quality.


1. This hydraulic needle valve is processed with OKK ultra precision machine tool and nano level CNC system, with a processing accuracy of 0.01-0.3μm. The shape and profile accuracy is 0.003 - 0.1μm. It laid a good foundation for accuracy.


2. In terms of equipment maintenance, before machining, the shaft accuracy is detected, and after the test data is obtained, the accuracy is compensated to ensure the consistency of the processing accuracy of the components. This link requires tips and engineers with at least 15 years of industry experience.


3. In terms of accuracy detection, the German Diatest small pore diameter measuring instrument is used to detect the valve hole of each hydraulic needle valve. The minimum measurement accuracy range can reach 0.1μm.


AAK hydraulic needle valves, with internal leakage less than 20% of HydraForce, you can also try a small order!


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