The Hydraulic Relief Valve has no stuck and its service life is 2 million times. Only AAK has benchmarked HydraForce

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The Hydraulic Relief Valve has no stuck and its service life is 2 million times....
Posting date : Sep 04, 2023
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Caleb is from a hydraulic equipment company in Canada, and has cooperated with AAK on several high requirements of hydraulic relief valves, but he is not satisfied with the price of AAK. In May last year, Caleb’s company produced a batch of four column hydraulic presses, which need to purchase HydraForce standard hydraulic relief valves with performance requirements of not less than 2 million times. Caleb selected a hydraulic relief valve manufacturer in Ningbo and purchased 600 pcs of same model as HydraForce. 2 months after the equipment was sold, a customer complained that the piston rod of the four column oil press vibrated abnormally. During after sales service, it was judged that the hydraulic relief valve was faulty. After inspection, it was found that the valve spool and valve seat had leakage traces. The original manufacturer of the hydraulic relief valves reported that it was an isolated case, but 1 month later, there were more similar complaints, even the system was not under pressure, and the engineer found that the valve spool was stuck. The boss was very angry and asked Caleb to purchase the hydraulic relief valves of the same model and quality as HydraForce as soon as possible. Caleb contacted more than 10 suppliers of hydraulic relief valves and required that the quality should be benchmarked with HydraForce. Most hydraulic valve manufacturers suggested that Caleb should directly purchase HydraForce products, because it was difficult to ensure that the hydraulic relief valve did not get stuck and had a service life of 2 million times. Caleb was a little worried.


After wasting a week, Caleb contacted me and I told him that other hydraulic valve manufacturers suggested purchasing HydraForce valves directly, which was a good suggestion. Most manufacturers can't compare the manufacturing quality of HydraForce for this hydraulic relief valve. AAK has more than 98% confidence. If AAK hydraulic relief valves can not solve the abnormal vibration of the piston rod of the four column hydraulic press or the system has no pressure, then don't waste time on looking for manufacturers in Ningbo. After 45 days, AAK delivered 300 Hydraulic Relief Valves, and at the end of last year, another 900 pcs were re-ordered. Last week, the PO for this hydraulic relief valves came again. I joked that it seems that the sales volume of this equipment is gratifying. The boss should be happy.


Caleb said that thanks to AAK hydraulic relief valves, the hidden danger of the equipment was solved. If only the original model of HydraForce was used, the boss would certainly look down on him. Now the boss has started to put him in a good position, and he will be promoted to  be purchasing manager next week.


The manufacturing quality of AAK hydraulic relief valve can be benchmarked with HydraForce, it is determined by the following 3 points:


1. In terms of equipment, Swiss high-precision machine tools and various independent fixtures upgraded and modified by AAK have eliminated human errors, and the accuracy of components is consistent, thus it is far better than peers.


2. In terms of production control, more than 30 years of experienced technicians are dedicated to handle the special machines. Sometimes, they can even judge the production status by listening to the sound of the machine only. Every production quality of the hydraulic relief valve is engraved in their minds. 


3. In terms of quality inspection, Mahr cylindricity meter imported from Germany is used to check the quality. Through EasyForm software, the measurement results can be obtained accurately and quickly. With the help of the software, the workpiece can be quickly adjusted and aligned, so as to improve the measurement efficiency and ensure that the 100% concentricity of each hydraulic relief valve is consistent and completely free from jamming.


AAK hydraulic relief valves, high precision, no jamming, you can also try a small order! 

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