Is scientific research and innovation one way or two different ways? AAK hydraulic valve analyze it like this

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Is scientific research and innovation one way or two different ways? AAK hydraul...
Posting date : Aug 07, 2022
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In the field of industrial products, China has made rapid progress in recent years, with many proud scientific research achievements and patented technologies. In the hydraulic valve industry, Chinese hydraulic valve manufacturers have also begun to export, in these two years.


Each hydraulic valve manufacturer has its own engineers and its own R & D department. What is R & D? Many hydraulic valve manufacturers confuse the concepts of "scientific research" and "innovation". Generally speaking, "hydraulic valve scientific research" is to convert money into hydraulic valve knowledge, which is a department that spends money, while "hydraulic valve innovation" is to exchange knowledge for money and create wealth for enterprises. They cannot be confused. Some scientific research institutions have only completed "scientific research", but rarely completed "innovation". It is a pity that some hydraulic valve manufacturers in the world have invested a lot of money in research and development, but they are only immersed in theory and have not become innovative pioneers in the industry.


AAK Hydraulic Valve, "scientific research" and "innovation" are two teams with different offices, rather than the same office and the same team as most hydraulic valve manufacturers.


If scientific research achievements cannot be combined with practice to create value for all walks of life, these theoretical achievements are like empty promises. It is undeniable that at present, the gap between Chinese hydraulic valve manufacturers and international famous hydraulic valve manufacturers in terms of scientific research and technology needs generations of excellent hydraulic valve manufacturers to catch up, but AAK's most important thing is the innovation of hydraulic valves.


During walking, it's easy to forget the original intention. I often reflect on where AAK Hydraulic Valve focuses? The value of a manufacturing enterprise is not measured by the number of orders or output, but depends on its contribution to the industry. Just like a person, his fame or status is that the society has given you more trust and responsibility to promote social progress. Whether in the hydraulic valve industry or in society, try to be a person with feelings, temperature and style. How can it be satisfactory, but I want to be worthy of my heart. Make a supreme wish, enjoy a lower blessing, choose a high place to stand, and walk to a wide place.


Whether the manufacturing of hydraulic valves is difficult or not, AAK insists on traveling with innovation and dreams. Because we are lucky to catch up with the tide of development in the era of industrial products, appreciate the era and contribute to the industry.


AAK Hydraulic Valve, with innovation and dreams, is willing to walk with you together. 

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