It is difficult to find a 2nd manufacturer of hydraulic relief valve over 2 million times of durability. Who else can Whitney place order to except AAK

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It is difficult to find a 2nd manufacturer of hydraulic relief valve over 2 mill...
Posting date : Jul 03, 2022
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On Monday morning, I received an email from Whitney to order 2,000 hydraulic relief valves at one time. I am glad that Whitney's first order for the hydraulic relief valves to AAK was a big one. Whitney was introduced to AAK by Friedlich of Polar company, our old customer. The hydraulic relief valve she inquired about was similar to the hydraulic relief valve purchased by Polar company last time. Both of them were non-standard hydraulic relief valves.


In October last year, Whitney's newly designed hydraulic equipment needed a hydraulic relief valve. According to the requirements of equipment working conditions, the durability of the hydraulic relief valve should reach more than 2 million times. Because the equipment time was very tight, the boss asked Whitney to get the samples of the hydraulic relief valve in place within 6 weeks. Whitney knows that for non-standard hydraulic relief valves, the quantity of trial order is small, the time is tight, and the requirements are high. Most manufacturers are not willing to do it, and they can't do it well. Sure enough, Whitney sent emails to more than 20 manufacturers of hydraulic relief valves back and forth. They either replied that there was no time or no reply at all. This wasted more than a week but even the manufacturer was not determined. Whitney was very worried. 


Friedlich in Polar company is Whitney's college classmate. After learning that Whitney had difficulties in purchasing hydraulic relief valves, Friedlich asked her to contact AAK, because AAK supplied them with 3 batches of hydraulic relief valves with durability of more than 2 million times in 2021. I received an e-mail from Whitney requesting that samples of the hydraulic relief valves be sent within 4 weeks for them to debug the equipment.


2 weeks later, I sent her the parcel tracking number. She was surprised that the non-standard hydraulic relief valve was sampled in only 2 weeks. I replied directly that most manufacturers could not get non-standard hydraulic relief valve samples with high requirements within 4 weeks. The reason why AAK can send it out in 2 weeks is that your hydraulic relief valve is similar to the one customized by Polar last time. We only need to modify a few dimension data in the program.


A week later, Whitney informed that the new hydraulic equipment was successfully commissioned with AAK hydraulic relief valves. At present, the durability of the hydraulic relief valves is being tested. I am confident to say that there is no need for your engineers to test the durability. I guarantee that more than 2 million times. Polar has purchased 3 batches of hydraulic relief valves from AAK within 1 year, that is to say that it has long been a fact that the hydraulic relief valves with durability of more than 2million times. 


She also wanted to know why AAK hydraulic relief valve was so durable. I told her that it took more than 2 months and 3 times for AAK to make samples for Friedlich before and finally selected 3Cr3Mo3W2V hot work die steel. This steel can withstand huge mechanical stress in work. It not only has high hardness, strength, wear resistance and toughness, but also has good high temperature strength, thermal fatigue stability, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. At the same time, its high hardenability ensures that the whole section has consistent mechanical properties, so as to ensure that the hydraulic relief valve will not be impacted and eroded during the working process of the system, and achieve durable performance.


AAK hydraulic relief valve, it is very common to be introduced to new customers by old customers. You can also have a small try! 

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