Engineers define the hydraulic manifold design from 5 perspectives, making AAK have no peers

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Engineers define the hydraulic manifold design from 5 perspectives, making AAK h...
Posting date : Jul 01, 2022
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AAK hydraulic manifold design runs through the whole process of design, manufacturing, use, maintenance and innovation. With such a five-level thinking, there is no second such hydraulic manifold manufacturer in Ningbo. A good hydraulic manifold design cannot be separated from manufacturing. The more an excellent hydraulic manifold engineer knows about hydraulic manifold manufacturing, the more helpful it is to improve the design level. The design of hydraulic manifold is inseparable from experience. Of course, professional experience can be learned from books, but it is difficult to leave a deep impression in your mind if you do not output it. It is not easy to absorb the experience of others without a foundation.


AAK often receives some hydraulic manifold drawings that cannot be directly processed and assembled according to the drawings. It is common to find problems during drawing review and process. There are many reasons, such as the standardization of the drafter, the level of the reviewer, especially whether the designer has a deep understanding of the hydraulic manifold manufacturing process. AAK hydraulic manifold designer must be able to analyze the whole manufacturing process of a hydraulic manifold drawing designed by himself.


If a hydraulic manifold engineer only knows casting, forging, turning, tongs, milling, planing, grinding and drilling, that is not enough. He must subdivide them. For example, how to divide the mold during casting, how to place the gate and riser, and what kind of casting defects may occur; For another example, the cutting process should be able to be visualized in your mind. How many knives are used in total, what rotation speed, feed rate, should be selected etc., and even the shape and color of the chips, as well as the sequence of each process. It does not mean that those engaged in hydraulic manifold design must be able to play with lathes and milling machines. Instead, they should know the characteristics of these operations and take them into full consideration in the design. Such hydraulic manifold design can settle down. In AAK, these are not enough, because technicians with more than 10 years of service need to have more mature detailed plans. The only solution is to read more books, communicate with old technicians and stay in the production workshop.


The hydraulic manifold engineer should understand the interrelationship between the transmission and devices of the whole machine, and the interrelationship of each part. After understanding these, the drawing can be drawn, and the drawing can have clear dimensional matching requirements and geometric tolerance constraints. Instead of simply noting the machining accuracy on the drawing, but cannot be realized in production. If the designed hydraulic manifold can improve the added value of the equipment, optimize the function, improve the performance and improve the stability, so as to meet the high-end customers. The design made by a wordy person is a bit wordy, and the design made by a stingy person is a bit stingy. The hydraulic manifold made by an irresponsible person is just as irresponsible as that person's virtue.


What others have summed up is usually the result of painstaking efforts. If we learn from problems, we can absorb the experience of our predecessors by imitating and thinking more. AAK hydraulic manifold engineer will not say such a stupid answer as "just ensure the concentricity", but the method to ensure the concentricity, and even point out the mistakes of the predecessors. At this time, the problems considered by AAK hydraulic manifold engineers need to be raised to a higher level, because the design serves "use", such as hydraulic manifold efficiency, energy consumption, stability and service life.


If the hydraulic manifold design is not conducive to use, there will be complaints. The use is also inseparable from maintenance. The hydraulic manifold design cannot ignore the convenience of maintenance. Some large-scale hydraulic equipment is maintained only once or twice a year, and the equipment cannot be broken up every time. Otherwise, the eighteen kinds of weapons for the jack and crowbar of the travelling crane and forklift are not enough, the loss resulted from shutdown has exceeded the value of the hydraulic manifold itself.


Hydraulic manifold design should not only stand on the basis of manufacturing, but also have innovation, and must learn to inherit. The innovation of AAK hydraulic manifold means that each hydraulic valve is reassembled into a new hydraulic manifold, or some new elements are added to the old hydraulic manifolds. New things are all born from negation in affirmation, and affirmation in negation. Innovation is like seasoning. With such a little seasoning, the food tastes more delicious. If you can have your own design concept and style, it is different. In this way, the hydraulic manifold has a unique soul. A truly hydraulic manifold engineer needs at least 10 years, or even more than 15 years of hard work.

AAK hydraulic manifolds, engineers use design, manufacturing, use, maintenance and innovation to define the design of hydraulic manifolds. It may not be possible to find a second hydraulic manifold manufacturer with such a five-level thinking. 

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