There is no jamming and the tolerance of form and position is consistent. Only AAK hydraulic check valve impressed the American customer

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There is no jamming and the tolerance of form and position is consistent. Only A...
Posting date : Jun 30, 2022
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Maverick comes from a hydraulic equipment company in the United States. He has been very successful in the purchase of hydraulic valves, but fell over on the hydraulic check valves purchased last year. At the end of last year, the hydraulic system of a batch of excavators shipped to Vietnam was prone to heat, and the output power was insufficient and unstable. Users were very dissatisfied with such excavators. According to the working conditions of the excavators, the after-sales engineer judged that the hydraulic check valves were abnormal. After disassembling the hydraulic check valves, it was found that the tolerance of form and position of the valve spool and the valve hole is inconsistent, and it was also found that the valve spool was stuck, causing the excavator to be abnormal. 


The engineer asked Maverick to replenish 50 hydraulic check valves to solve user complaints. Maverick contacted the original manufacturer of the hydraulic check valves, and the manufacturer agreed. A week later, the engineer replaced the abnormal hydraulic check valves, but 10 days later, another excavator had the same abnormality. At this time, Maverick realized the problem. No one could accept the long-term and high-frequency after-sales replacement, so he had to find a new hydraulic check valve manufacturer. 


Maverick left a message on AAK website: can you ensure that each hydraulic check valve has no abnormal problem within the warranty period? I replied, "I'll let you know if it's OK. You can try it out.". The next day, Maverick placed a trial order for 50 hydraulic check valves and mentioned to avoid the hydraulic system heating. I told him that the hydraulic check valve used to control the oil return in the hydraulic system is connected with the hydraulic oil radiator and connected to the outlet of the oil return filter element. If the hydraulic check valve is stuck in the normally open position, the oil return radiator will not play the role of heat dissipation. As long as it is not stuck, the hydraulic system will not be easy to heat up. 


6 months after the 50 hydraulic check valves were shipped, I received an email from Maverick today. After install the excavator with AAK hydraulic check valves, the excavator was still normal after 6 months. The customer was very satisfied with their after-sales service to completely solve the problem. I smiled and said that as long as there is no artificial mistake, even after another 6 months, these excavators equipped with AAK hydraulic check valves will not have complaints caused by hydraulic check valves.


For the hydraulic check valves, the consistency of the form and position tolerance between the valve spool and the valve hole is the key to directly determine whether the whole valve will be stuck. AAK hydraulic check valves can achieve 100% qualification. The most important reasons are as follows:


1. AAK has Germany Nagel precision honing machine. After honing, the dimensional accuracy of the valve spool and valve body of the hydraulic check valves is IT7 ~ 4, and the form and position tolerances are completely consistent, which is impossible for most manufacturers.


2. Check the accuracy of each hydraulic check valve spool and valve hole to ensure that the minimum axial grinding tolerance is 0.075μm. Thus, each hydraulic check valve can achieve 100% no jamming. Manufacturers with such precision control will not exceed 3 in Ningbo.


3. AAK technical team has engineers from the world's top 500 hydraulic valve enterprises, who have their own experience in material selection, production drawing design and production line quality control.


Maverick told me privately that his boss appreciated that he could find such a reliable hydraulic check valve manufacturer AAK this time, and the boss would give him a raise.


AAK hydraulic check valves, the form and position tolerance is consistent without jamming, you can also have a small try! 

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