The service life of the ultra-high pressure hydraulic relief valve is 1.5 years longer than that of its peers. Only AAK benchmarked with German HAWE

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The service life of the ultra-high pressure hydraulic relief valve is 1.5 years ...
Posting date : Jun 29, 2022
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Samuel is from OLEODINAMICA REVA SRL company in Italy. He has purchased a non-standard hydraulic relief valve from AAK for 2 years, and re-peat the orders 3  4 times every year. He didn't expect that in order to save 20% of the cost, the hydraulic relief valves purchased from a new manufacturer was complained by customer for insufficient power within only half a year. This hydraulic relief valve is used in the top 3 hydraulic power unit they sell. There have been no complaints in the past 2 years. The root cause of insufficient power is that the main valve element of the hydraulic relief valve is stuck, causing the pressure oil output by the hydraulic pump to overflow back to the oil tank, affecting the power.


Samuel contacted the new manufacturer of the hydraulic pressure relief valves. The manufacturer replied that they can only guarantee the service life of more than half a year for 450bar high-pressure working condition and high-frequency use hydraulic relief valves. This hydraulic relief valve is benchmarked to German HAWE. Perhaps only HAWE high-pressure hydraulic relief valve has a service life of more than 2 years. The hydraulic relief valves produced by the new manufacturer have only half a year of service life, and Samuel felt helpless.


The boss can not understand why Samuel blindly changed the manufacturer without knowing the service life of the hydraulic relief valve. This hydraulic relief valve has been customized by AAK before. The equipment has been used for more than 2 years without customer complaints. Samuel had to contact AAK again and truthfully told us that in August last year, another manufacturer provided a quotation of 20% cheaper than AAK, so he moved the order of this hydraulic relief valve to the new manufacturer. Now, those hydraulic relief valves need to be replaced, he needed AAKs help to produce 100 hydraulic relief valves quickly.


I immediately asked the workshop to produce 100 hydraulic relief valves at once. The workshop director said it was not worth adjusting the production line for such a customer with low loyalty. But it is the responsibility of AAK to solve problems for customers. At the same time, I am grateful to this new hydraulic relief valve manufacturer. I believe Samuel will never transfer orders from AAK again. After 3 weeks, 100 hydraulic relief valves were successfully shipped from AAK. Samuel emailed a few days ago that the power of the equipment was normal after AAK hydraulic relief valves were used. 


AAK high-pressure hydraulic relief valve can be benchmarked with German HAWE due to 3 key points. It may be difficult to find such a second hydraulic valve manufacturer in Ningbo.


1. AAK hydraulic relief valve element material is ETG100 produced by STEELTEC in Switzerland, with high strength. It is suitable for high-speed CNC processing. After the valve element is processed and formed, the internal and external cross-sections have the same strength and can withstand high pressure above 450bar. Less than 1% of the manufacturers are using ETG100 to produce valve element.


2. AAK has a high-precision CNC machining center imported from Switzerland. AAK old technicians can control processing efficiently and without mistakes. This unique skill may only be in AAK.


3. AAK technical team has engineers who have worked in HAWE for many years and have unique experience in high pressure resistance.


AAK hydraulic relief valve, under 450bar high pressure, can be used for more than 2 years. You can also have a small try! 

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